Cost of HPS lighting!

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  1. so on ebay a 400W HPS will cost me $110-$150:eek:

    and a 100W HPS will cost $350...sweet. How do you guys afford these!!!
  2. One is just for the light bulb and the other is for the reflector, ballast, bulbs, etc.
  3. Yeah, that's why you need the second one. You can't attach a light bulb to nothing lol
  4. if you cant afford to buy a decent light you cant afford decent soil, nutes, pots, ventalation, etc. if you cant invest 150 how can you possibly start a horticultrale hobby? why don,t you have a job.
  5. Haha, its just that ive already spent $30 on the fem seeds, $50 on bulbs and clamp lights, and another $20 or so on pots and soil.

    I have the $150 to buy a 400 HPS but i dont wanta invest the money for nothing. This is my first grow so im a little nervouse investing all this money, it would suck to invest it and have the plant shit the bed.

    Right know ive got about 100 total Watts of CFL on 2 quessing this isant good enough for budding, and the plant will get low yields:rolleyes:

    Maby after the first budding i will sell off some bud and invest in a HPS for later growing
  6. first of all, don't sell should being doing this just for your own smoke. especially when you are a beginner and don't have much experience dealing with all the probs that can arise and dealing potentially is just bringing more. second, i know people grow with just cfl's and phloro's so just consider this a trial run. see if you enjoy growing, see how it all works out. if you do alright and you think you can do better later, then maybe invest a lil more for the high power lighting systems. good luck
  7. Seriously... this is your first grow... and you're having money issues.. correct?

    Spend a couple of dollars on a few more florescent lights and skip the HID for now. Many people have flowered out very decent bud with just florescent lighting. Once you've harvested you should be able to save money from the smoke you'll NOT be buying to get your HID and better ventilation going in there.

    Make sure to clone your best female so you can use her under the HID when you get it.

    Take this time during your first grow to do more research here and on other sites on the web. You'll get a better feel for what's going on, you'll know the plant you're working with better and you should be able to avoid some of the beginner's issues that can arise with HID use.

    When I'm not growing I tend to need around $300/mo of medical at dispensary pricing in CA. That saves an insane amount of money for me.

    Grow on!
  8. Even if your growing just for personal, any HPS light with the proper growing techniques should pay for itself the first harvest.

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