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cost of an oz for you?

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by genes.is, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Oregon is a beautiful wonder, I agree, it's so bushy and lush! I had a good time there. It came off harsh. West Coast rules
  2. 150-$180 Canadian pesos in the stores here in BC, excellent quality. Thats ~$120-$150 american. Bit less if its from a guy and not from a store usually. Will come down a lot next year when its legalized, its still all grey market medicinal.
  3. $170-$240 (depending on shop) for some of the dankest possible weed. I'm in LA, CA.
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  4. Weed in California is pretty cheap. $650-900 for a quarter pound of dank medical marijuana. $3,000 a pound
  5. 135$ CAN delivered to my door 2 days later... potcargo.com
  6. For top shelf I pay anywhere from £150-£180 an oz it all depends on how much my plugs pay when they buy in bulk
  7. in buds that costs me 580 R$ if it's good quality, that would be about 150 dollars for 29 grams (Oz)
    if it's brick-weed which i buy to extract from i usually buy 100 grams for 250 reais, so about 60 dollars for 100 grams of brick. i get 10-13 grams of extract from it so in a way i pay 60 dollars for 10 grams of qwiso-hash
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  8. $150 here in Ontario canada
  9. $170 for really good stuff. Newfoundland, Canada.
  10. paid $86.8 exactly (converted from local currency) for an oz of mid up here in Croatia.
  11. Street is 120 dank. However i dont buy it because the no lab results. Store or delivery for me. So outdoor is usually $180 oz top shelf and indoor top shelf is $280 or $260. Recently prices have been dropping. Yay.
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    I'm In Fresno California and I have my medical card. I can have 8 different 1/8ths of top shelf grade A+++ meds for $200 delivered to my house in less than 1 hour. An ounce of some good indoor like Blue dream, og kush or Girl Scout cookies sells for $140-$175. Good well grown outdoor/greenhouse sells for 50-100 ounce depending on the nose and looks.

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  13. In Melbourne, Australia.
    Cost is about 250, give or take $30. I get pretty good and consistent stuff for $260. $220 is the cheapest I've spend (and wasn't that good).

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  14. Currently in the jungles of Peru. Getting bud for about $3 a gram. Havent yet bought a whole oz cus ive been moving around a lot, but i hear it can go as low at $20 for an oz if you know someone. Some of the stuff i have found is serious mid, but some of it is also really good. Peru is known for having the best drugs IN THE WORLD. Can’t say i can argue with that so far.
  15. I get Colorado/Cali medical in Georgia for 200-240 an o. I got a great hook up. It’s 8 a gram, no matter if I buy 1 gram or an oz, but I get a price break if I buy more.
  16. $80 1oz Redding,CA USA
    $280 1oz Edmonton, AB Canada
  17. About $20-25 an ounce. I grow my own.
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  18. Shake and trim: Free
    Reggie: $80
    Mids: $150
    Top shelf $250
  19. My dealer charges $10 for 1g, so probably about $280 to $300 depending on what he's got. That's assuming that I did the math right and there's around 28 grams in an ounce. I've never bought an ounce from him though, that's just guessing.

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