Cost of air conditioning for U.S. troops in MidEast more than NASA budget

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  1. Well isnt that just jolly?

    06-27-2011 • Kase Wickman via
    The United States spends $20.2 billion annually on
    air conditioning for troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan
    - more than NASA's entire budget, NPR reported.
    In fact, the same amount of money that keeps soldiers

    cool is the amount the G-8 has committed to

    helping the fledgling democracies in Tunisia and Egypt.
    The necessary cooling costs so much because

    of the remote locations and danger involved in

    delivery equipment and fuel, Steven Anderson,
    a retired logistician who served under
    Gen. David Petraeus in Iraq. "When you consider

    the cost to deliver the fuel to some of the most

    isolated places in the world - escorting, command
    and control, medevac support - when you throw all
    that infrastructure in, we're talking over $20 billion,"
    Anderson told NPR. "You've got risks that are
    associated with moving the fuel almost every mile of the way."
    And it's a long way to move the fuel: 800 miles of

    "improved goat trails" separate Karachi, where the

    fuel is shipped in, to Afghanistan. The transport takes 18 days.

    Cost of air conditioning for U.S. troops in MidEast more than NASA budget | The Raw Story

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    Firstly. Fuck you. Secondly them volunteering to be in some god forsaken desert. They deserve the AC, especially fr protecting ignorant people like you.

    No need for the disrespect. Mat369
  3. Rotties will you waste someone elses time please? Gtfo
  4. I for one dont care, im sure its hot as fuck out there, shit thefe are some days here in cali that I cant stand w/o AC. Even worse in texas and mexico!!

    Let the soldiers have AC, youd want it if you were there
    My 2cents
  5. Telling him to get the fuck out? Lol wow how about the troops get the fuck out, save all those lives!! And all those resources!
  6. Wow. First of all he didnt even give an opinion on it, all he did was show you the information. Second of all take a bong hit and chill the fuck out.

    Dont like someone then put them on the ignore list instead of bickering like a small child.

    I dont think we should be spending that much on AC even on the military. But then again we shouldnt be there in the first place so my opinions pretty much moot.

  7. You don't huh? Well I bet you're just chocked full of all kinds of progressive enlightenment. I can tell by the vapidity of that post.:wave:

    Thats right I do not think we should spend that much on AC for the military I said it again. fucking sue me.

    Dont be mad at me for stating the truth.

    Sorry I dont get on my knees and suck the militaries cock for every decision they make.
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    Somewhat agree. They do need air conditioning. But I hate it when people hold military personnel on a platform above the rest of American society. They aren't gods. I definitely support, I have friends in the military, and I nod my head and smile in respect when I see someone in fatigues at the grocery store, because their job IS hell. They are some commendable people. But I don't suck their dicks, and I find the small town midwestern families who expect the utmost respect because their son is in the reserves, to be despicable. Around here, joining the military usually shows that you had no drive to do anything else. You gave up and enlisted. Not because you were brave or glorious, but because you couldn't do anything else. Then all of a sudden, they are supposed to be first class citizens because they volunteered to shoot and get shot at for a paycheck. I think it's silly.

    So yeah, I say give them air conditioning, but wish people would stop worshipping the military. So I kinda like your opinion.

    I'm expecting heat for this one...
  10. Its called being patriotic, not sucking their dick....
  11. How are they protecting us? If anything they make us less safe with every person they kill, our wars on terror only creates more terror.
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    We are the true terrorists. Imperialist bastards.

    At one point, our military bravely stormed Omaha beach, the turning point in WWII, helping curb the murderous violence that was spreading across the world.

    Now, we use it despite what the U.S. Constitution (or Toilet Paper, these days) to invade countries for the sole purpose of gaining an advantage on Iran, oil, more military bases, and other resources.

    We are not giving Iraq a chance at democracy, we have invaded and are occupying them.

    Why are we still in Afghanistan? Wasn't the original reason for going find Osama?

    Why are we in: Libya? Syria? Yemen?

    We aren't there for defense. Anyone with more than three brain cells knows that NONE of these countries pose any threat to the U.S.A. That's why it boils down to pure greed and imperialist reasoning.

  13. I'll be patriotic as soon as the government thinks about We The People, not themselves.

    Anyone who dies in an armed conflict we are currently involved in, dies in vain. I do not support them, and they do not deserve support. They are tools of a corrupt government.
  14. well if you wanted a busy, heated thread.
    you've got one.

    oh wait maybe the government will help us keep things cool,
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    I won't go that far. A lot of people out there are supporting families, and a lot are made aware of their puppet status as they are wandering around. And, we are constantly facilitating the government's actions by paying taxes and participating in its programs. If you find a way around it, then props, but I'm a puppet just like they are.

    But yeah, my patriotism is shown by supporting/respecting them, not holding them in a higher status and believing they deserve every luxury they can get. The asshole who hardly made it through high school and joined the marines is probably still an asshole when he comes home. I'm not gonna respect them much more, if any more, than the average person over here. We are all people, no one needs to stand above another.
  16. I respectfully disagree. They are not doing a very good job of parenting if they're shooting guns and driving tanks in the sand box known as the Middle East while their family awaits at home.

    I'm sure there are adequate opportunities to support and ACTUALLY BE THERE for your family here at home. Going to war isn't a proper way to support a family.

    Military Divorce Rate Skyrockets Due to Iraq and Afghanistan Wars | Jacksonville Family Law Attorney Blog

    Divorce Rate Triple for U.S. Female Soldiers, Report Finds - NAM

    Divorce Rate Climbs for Soldiers and Marines

    (Most Recent)
    Soldiers' divorce rates up sharply - Democratic Underground

    Yup. Supportin' those families. I will say it again, they die in vain, and do not deserve respect.
  17. careful now, most of them are still plugged in the matrix, too much reality can have disastrous consequences.
  18. would be nice if you could also post a nice suicide rate of all the american soldiers that served and were still serving. its huge too huge not to be talked about.
    but hey another shitty singer competition is on, it will help to distract us from the ulgy sad reality. oh and walmart is having a sale on a bunch of materialistic useless crap that we dont need, but it will help to cover that empty feeling or at least give the illusion that it does.
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    Never thought of this point. I guess I agree. I also agree with the "we are the terrorists" post. But, I guess it's just me being stubborn, but I'll still respect them the same as people in the states.

  20. They are not the same as people in the states. They lose their humanity before they're even shipped out, and it shows.

    [ame=]American Soldiers having fun Killing Civilians in Iraq - YouTube[/ame]

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