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Cost for the card in Colorado

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TyCo420, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Whats the lowest cost you've paid to get the card and where? Do some places wave the fee if you make them your care giver? Please give me information on anything related.

    Much respect.
  2. its only a 90$ fee to the colorado board of health, the recommendation is free but if your current doctor is reluctent to sign your recommendation for medical marijuana for what ever reason, your going to have to seek out a private pot friendly doctor that will sign it, they charge anywhere from 100$ - 310$. after that you send the forms and a 90$ check or money order ot the colorado board of health.

    check out our website and click on resources fro more info
  3. ^ usually if you pay above $200 for the doctor, that covers the $90 for the CBoH
  4. At a minimum it's 90$. I had to find a pot friendly doctor and paid $200, so $290 all together
  5. mine cost 180$ total.

    including the states fee
  6. Mine was around $240 or something for the whole thing.
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    Just so everyone is clear, this guy and the site he links to has absolutely nothing to do with NORML.

    The only NORML site is Marijuana Law Reform - NORML

    I don't know why you have set up a fake website to deceive people into believing that it is endorsed or supported by NORML, but in any case you have been reported to the staff here and to NORML... they probably won't be too happy about the trademark and copyright infringement...

    Edit: Just saw that you are accepting donations on your site and selling merchandise. Pathetic.

    -The Budmaster
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    Are you saying that all of the local norml chapters are fake or just this one?

    I was under the impression that NORML chartered local organizations under their org. I could be wrong, but I'm thinking they might be legit.

    Well lookie what I found in 8 seconds of google:
    State and Local Chapters - NORML

    Maybe you can post an apology and retraction now :)
  9. I am well aware of that. You'll see that this guy is not on the list.

    -The Budmaster
  10. It only cost me like $380. But only $180.00 was for obtaining the card. The other $200 - well it went to buying medication!
  11. You looking at the same page that I'm looking at ?

    State and Local Chapters - NORML
    [Scroll down to the COLORADO section]
    And you will see this:

    Mile High NORML
    2726 E Otero Pl #5
    Littleton, CO 80122 Map
    Officers: Kandice ****, Emily ***** (Executive Director), Shaun T****, Scott G****, Bridget B****** etc etc

    Or if you want a picture instead.....

    Maybe there is something I'm not understanding here but I suspect that the local NORML chapter you are calling fake and scammers may actually be legit.

    What did NORML say when you reported them ?

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  12. Ok, you have my attention. How can you help me with MMC finances?

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