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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by mimomontalvo, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Can anyone recommend a good strain with a reasonable price, with nice yeild and THC content?You know best bang for your buck. :)

    Up until this point most of my home grown strains have been just bag seed. I've seen pretty decent results.

    Anyways , i'd like to try a commercial strain.

    any input is appreciated, btw i grow indoors so indica is a must. thanks!
  2. *bump

    anyways i did a search and found that hemp depot has some pretty cheap strains.

    cannacopia seeds.

    Has anyone here grown their strains?

    c99 x deep chunk looks promising for only 35 usd as well as a few other strains. :ey:
  3. i tried hempdepot they said the received my payment, but i did not receive any seeds..
    so i would go with attitude or world of seeds..
  4. I got 5 dry ounces off 4 skunk #1 plants. It's a hybrid, but doesn't get very tall (3 feet or so if you flower when they get 6-8"). Good quality as well. The cost is cheap as well at seed boutique, attitude, dr. chronics, ect.

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