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Cost cutting!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shrewd, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. As with most people I'm sure everyone hates spending money, especially when it comes to pot. I would say I'm a seasoned smoker, I consume about a 1/2 oz every 5 days or so and have been doing so for a few years. As you can guess, this does get expensive (100-120 every 5 days) to the point where it costs as much as cigarettes.

    Would it be worth looking in to growing my own? Is it worth the trouble? Would 2-3 plants do me any good? I will be moving pretty soon to an apartment and was asking myself if it would be worth the risk or not? Would 2-3 plants stink to the point were people would get suspicious?

    I don't like spending 400-500 a month on pot, even if I couldn't supply myself with 2-3 plants it would cut my costs down. This is all I am looking to do!

    Or does anyone have any good cost cutting measures (different ways of consuming??) they would like to share with me? Besides the obvious of smoking less :mad:
  2. vaporize your weed
    then used the vaped weed to make oil
    there are several tutorials on how to do this
    its like using your weed twice
    its obviously not really dank oil but it gets you stoned
  3. Yes, growing your own is well worth it. When you get to the point of having a perpetual ounce ready to smoke... Well lets just say it cuts cost by quite a bit.
  4. If you have the opportunity and means to, then do it.
  5. I did not know that vaporized weed was still of value!:eek:


  6. Wow I feel stupid for throwing out my vaped weed. You can make it into oil? Is it difficult? Care to link to the tutorial on how to do this?

  7. I second this lol
  8. You can try vaporizing since it does seem to get me high a lot longer than just plain smoking, but you'll develop tolerance to this as well. I also buy from a dealer that always has a different strain of dank weed. (<3 florida!!!) Usually switching strains around helps prevent tolerance/boredom. New batches of weed always seem better than the last. Depending on what strain you grow, a single plant will yield you around 2-3 ounces, so 3 plants should give you around six ounces. Considering you smoke 1/2 ounce every week or more (which is a shit ton, btw... you should really consider cutting down) 3 plants will yield around 9 ounces which would last you about two months or so. Since it takes about 3-4 months to grow and harvest marijuana, you'd probably have to grow 4 plants to make the venture even worth it.

    You can also try to just plain out selling it, and spending all of your profits exclusively on buying pot for yourself. I wouldn't recommend selling for someone like you, who smokes 2 grams a day since you'll kill all your profit and investment faster than your bong gets your ripped. If you have a ton of weed lying around with your average you are more likely to smoke it before you get to sell it hehehe...

    When marijuana is growing the smell emitted isn't much stronger than a regular plant. So if you have 3-4 plants their smell wouldn't be strong enough to be detected by neighbors. (if you had 30 plants then yea, the fukin amazon is growing in your living room so ppl are bound to smell that... especially because of the exhaust system required for a grow room that big)

    Drying marijuana is another story altogether. When you dry it then the smell becomes evident. So you'll have to be really careful. 9 ounces of pot will smell your whole house reak!

    Also keep in mind that when you plant a marijuana, you don't know what sex it will turn out to be (unless whoever is selling you seeds is some sort of expert) so if you grow 2-3 plants and all turn out to be male, you'll have to start over. So you'll have to plant 6 plants at first to be safe and if they all end up being females then you'll have to keep them all. Weed can be stored for long periods of time in dark, sealed canister in the fridge.

    You'll have to familiarize with cultivation techniques, and taking care of plants, and if you buy lights - I suggest you use LED lights to avoid wasting electricity.
  9. Thank you for the helpfull info.

    Growing does look like a realistic option in my case, I will definetely look in to this more.

    Maybe I should just cut back!

    I don't know, I love herb but it hits my pocket!
  10. Yeah if you could link some tutorials I would apperciate it.
  11. IMHO I disagree with some of your statements. If you grow 3 plants of Skunk # 1 the fucking mail man will smell it when the plants starts flowering with out odor control. When drying it you can just hang it up in the grow cab and keep the carbon filter running. 3 plants under CFL can yield 8 OZ dry as proven by See More Buds - Grow Marijuana DVD growing Marijuana on a $50 budget. You can order female seeds from a seed bank and get any strain you can think of. From start to finish under CFL you can harvest in 70 to 80 days and 2 weeks to a month to cure. HPS lights are the best, LED lights cost way to much for what they yield. You should check out HTGsupply and do a lot of research. The real question when it comes to growing is do you have the will power to tell and show no one? Lose lips sink ships.

    How I conserve weed is with a .1 gram 1 hitter. I like to smoke to smoke and that lets me smoke all day long on a gram by myself. I use to smoke like you do and 1 hitter really help.
  12. has anyone respond to this yet?
  13. My friend gives me free OZ's of kush at a time :)

  14. youre a rat bastard
  15. How the fuck you do spend over $20 a day on cigarettes?

  16. I'm guessing by going to shops :)
  17. no man, he is saying thats like 4 packs. wich comes out to like 20 packs a week. jesus fuck no one could do that.
  18. I no longer smoke Cig's, but smokes are 10-13 dollars a pack here.

  19. Smokes in Alberta = $10-13 a pack

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