Cosmic gardening tips from the book Anastasia

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    This is an excerpt from a book called Anastasia. Perhaps you have heard of it? It is a story of a Russian man’s encounter with a woman named Anastasia whom he met in the woods of Siberia during an expedition. She lives in harmony with the natural world and shares with him many fascinating ideas…
    “Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe. Through the help of these data the seed knows the exact time, down to the millisecond, when it is to come alive, grow, what juices it is to take from the Earth, how to make use of the rays of the celestial bodies, the Sun, Moon and stars, what it is to grow into, what fruit to bring forth.

    “These fruits are designed to sustain Man’s life. More powerfully and effectively than any manufactured drugs of the present or future, these fruits are capable of counteracting and withstanding any disease of the human body. But to this end the seed must know about the human condition. So that during the maturation process it can satiate its fruit with the right correlation of substances to heal a specific individual of his disease, if indeed he has it or is prone to it.

    “Anastasia describes a process to imbue or load information into a seed and communicate more consciously with plants; “Before planting, put into your mouth one or more little seeds, hold them in your mouth, under the tongue, for at least nine minutes.
    “Then place the seed between the palms of your hands and hold it there for about thirty seconds. During this time it is important that you be standing barefoot on the spot of earth where you will later be planting it.

    “Open your hands, and carefully raise the seed which you are holding to your mouth. Then blow on it lightly, warming it with your breath, and the wee little seed will know everything that is within you. “Then you need to hold it with your hands open another thirty seconds, presenting the seed to the celestial bodies. And the seed will determine the moment of its awakening. The planets will all help it! And will give the sprouts the light they need to produce fruit especially for you.

    “After that you may plant the seed in the ground. In no case should you water it right off, so as not to wash away the saliva which is now covering it, along with other information about you that the seed will take in. It can be watered three days after planting.
    “The planting must be done on days appropriate to each vegetable (people already know this, from the lunar calendar). In the absence of watering, a premature planting is not as harmful as an overdue planting. “According to Anastasia, the seed is able to take in information about the person who plants it, and then as it grows its fruit it receives from the universe the optimum blend of energies needed for a given Man.

    “The weeds serve another function and should not be rid of completely. Some weeds protect the plant from disease and others give the plant supplemental information. During the time the plants are growing it is crucial to communicate and meditate with the plant at least once, but preferably more. It is also desirable to meditate and touch the plants during a full moon.
    “Anastasia says that plants cultivated from seeds germinated and planted in this manner and eaten by the person who has grown them is capable of curing him of any diseases of the flesh whatsoever but also of significantly retarding the aging process, rescuing him from harmful habits, tremendously increasing his mental abilities and giving him a sense of inner peace.
    “The fruits must be eaten no later than three days after harvesting to be most effective.

    “When the plants are grown like this they will be different from other plants of the same species. They will not only differ in taste but will also be different in their makeup and the substances they contain. “When planting seedlings (trees) it is important to use ones fingers and bare toes to soften the dirt where planting. This is because toxic substances are excreted through the bottoms of the feet containing information about a person and any diseases they suffer from. The seedlings take in this information, which in turn transmits it to the fruit.“Anastasia recommends walking around the garden plot and wherever the seedlings are planted barefoot from time to time.

    “When asked what kind of plants to cultivate she says to plant the same kind of things that are found in most gardens. One can plant raspberries, currants, gooseberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, wild strawberries, any kind of apple tree, sweet and sour cherries and flowers. It doesn’t matter how many plants there are or how big the garden plot is.

    “She says there are a few definites that need to be planted in order to have a full energy micro-climate. There should be at least one sunflower plant and about two square meters of cereal grains such as rye or wheat (for making special bread later), and an island of wild growing herbs that grow there naturally and already. If there are no wild plants and weeds growing in the area then you can bring some turf in from the nearby forest.

    “When asked about planting these (what she called) definites (plants that definitely need to be in the garden) she responded that it is not just the variety of plants that is important, but also how they are planted. They need to be planted in such a way that they can take in the information they need.

    “The main thing is to infuse the garden with information about yourself. If this is done correctly then the plants will be much more effective at healing. She says that nature really is not wild, it is just unfamiliar to you, there are a great many plants that can help us cure all and I mean all existing diseases. These plants have been designed for that purpose, but Man has lost, or almost lost, the ability to identify them.

    “The chief physician is our own body. From the beginning it knows what plants and herbs should be used for healing and when they should be used. Our body knows how to eat, drink and breathe and is capable of preventing dis-ease even before any physical signs are present. Nothing can do this better than your own body, for it is your own personal physician given to you by God.

    “If you make connections with the plants in your garden-plot, they will take care of you and cure you. They will make the right diagnoses all by themselves and prepare the most effective medicine especially designed for you.”

    ~V. Megre from Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars Series, Book 1)[​IMG]
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  2. I can attest to most of these findings, I have experienced things I cannot explain, this explains some of it <3
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  3. I can't smoke my entire harvest in 3 days :passtheshit: atleast not by myself :D
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  4. Well I don't what drugs the person who wrote that was on but it must of been some really good shit.
    I want some too.
    I am in my intergalactic space ship and earth will not let me land,
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    With much over 90% of the content from this book is stolen from Russian folklore like your 'red riding hood stories', a mish mash of trivia added to a fantasy story by a merchant trader Vladimir the Meager?(Vladimir Megre's) who meets a Disney type fairy in a distant forest and then for some reason, really opens up on him, so much so he's able to write 10 books on this fairy subject that has now grown to a new age religion, much deeper and more far out than what Tom Cruise could ever offer, still better by far is the works of Tolken. at least you get your moneys worth.

    the translation is poor, loosing much of the intent with 15-20% made up by the translator to offer a cool 1960's feel about the book, aimed at a distant lonely rejected reader with much time on his hands

    support Putin buy the book
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    Hahaha appreciate all the comments. I just love sharing these things because my life has also been enchanted by such profound awakenings through working deeply with nature and meditation which has brought me many similar spiritual insights on life beyond what we are taught/told. So I guess I can relate that there is magic out there, that is just misunderstood or forgotten science, because I choose to believe it and thus I experience it more than the average joe.

    I'd like to share a story as an example. I was looking for a van a few years ago to turn into a campervan so I can travel the country. For many months I was looking for a van I was also going through old things and collecting things/photos/memories and such I wanted to take with me. It was a struggle to find the right van that fit my needs, I initially wanted something 4WD that is also a van few years back but i eventually let go of that and just wanted a cheap and simple van to build in a little house in.

    One morning I arose out of bed from 2 hours sleep at 4 am in the morning with more energy that I felt in years, I felt as if i had the best sleep of my life, although I thought to myself this is only 2 hours I need more sleep... but something else urging me to get up and go to the computer to check facebook marketplace.. then I had the vision of my van being there ready for me. So I got up and went to see, the first van that came up was an Imported Japanese super custom van that was also 4WD and within my price range.

    It just felt right on all parts of my being and that day I bought it. Few weeks later I realized I had seen this van on my travels about 2 years ago and said to my self, I want that van. Totally forgetting about it, but the real magic has yet to come...

    As I said during the time I was preparing for my travels and looking for the van, I had gone through old files, photos, things and memories and I personally had taken some photos on my phone of some of the pictures in my photo album, and out of 3000 photos I took about 30 that I really liked when I was a kid and my family in their happier and earlier days.

    Out of those 30 or so photos there was one specific photo of myself and my two cousins holding a soccer ball. I was about a year old so exactly around 30 years ago. In that photo on the soccer ball there was the number 32 which I was pointing at for some reason, and the number 5 which one of my cousins was pointing at.

    And so what is the mystery in all this? Well little did I realize on the front of my van was a Japanese sticker that had a Large 32 and a smaller 5 on the side. Did my soul know about the van I will manifest 30 years later? Do we time-travel unknowingly? I have had many of these experiences. So If i never took that photo on my phone few weeks prior to getting the van, this probably would of never been brought up to my awareness.

    So it is experiences like these in my life that I can relate with such as those mystical/spiritual stories and books out there and often I would put into practice what I read and experience similar things too.

    Sometimes we need to believe things to experience them, sometimes we need to experience them to believe them.

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  7. Wow That Is Pretty Cool! Thanks For Sharing @Lemonfox69

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    Someone already recommended it to me!
    I feel like I'm having déjà vu!

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