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  1. i sit and look at the flag
    floating in the breeze
    it once stood for fredom
    now corruption, greed, and sleeze

    our rights are being taken
    right from under our nose
    with dubya in the white house
    thats just the way it goes

    propaganda, war, and terrorists
    occupy the news
    meanwhile harmless stoners
    are in jail with the blues

    in times like this i ask
    are we truely free
    the answer's no my friends
    open your eyes and see

    words are not enough these days
    actions must ensue
    i call for a rebelion
    before we all are through

    bud stuffer
  2. I agree whole heartedly, but watch what you're saying before the feds come in here and take down all our IPs and put us on a list of dissenters and potential terrorists


    good post
  3. I can definitely see a rebellion in the US in the future. If Bush stays in power long enough, people will get so sick of him. Can you imagine a 2nd American Revolution? It would be brutal!!! The Army versus the people... That is scary... With all the weapons we have today, there would be no escape. Families will die for being suspected rebels (or otherwise known as terrorists, or anti-americans). The only enemy is Bush. He is the most corrupted politician in the history of the world (Hitler comes pretty close too). Bush is so evil that he would drop a nuke on his own people.

    Oh man I hate Bush. Ignore me, I'm blazed.

  4. that is NEEDED i'd say.
    of course I'm talkig about the rebelion

    ... what do ya mean, second ? ..

    I don't think that would be possible; not after "Tiananmen" ..

    then again "Tiananmen" did happen, and the governement that ordered the massacre is still rulling today

    Is this why the american citizens do not kick GWB out? becoz of fear? well, then we have all ingredients to call usa a dictatorship.

    sorry folks, but us of a is no longer a free democratic country.
    It's a dictatorship posing as a democracy.

    how low will it have to go before the citizens act?

    (you do realize they keep you put by giving you close term stuff to worry about?)

    nah, they are all the same. (95% of the weapons used in warfare today is sold by the the TOP5 UN members...)

    gwb bush does not hold comparaison to hitler. although insane, hitler was intelligent.

    indirectly he would, yeah.


    american ctizens are wise to fear their leader for he has demonstrated many times his competence in the chair and we all know (all over the world) he is incompetent.
    But I urge you to read the link above: it is a testimony from one of the students that survive that day when the national army was ordered to shoot on 50000 students that were peacefully stating they wanted a change.
    Their actions has been drown into history with no consequences. Yet I urge american citizens to kick bush out, for it seems that earth will not survive his passage at the white house.
  5. I have to at least quote this:

    "We were prepared to sacrifice ourselves for China's democracy and progress."
  6. a depressing time we live in isn't it
  7. i suppose i should be happy i am meak, for i shall inheret the earth when bush blows it all to hell. but what conselation of being meak is a ravaged war torn scarred planet? :rolleyes: christianity... tis a very strange religion. i wonder if bush is really a christian. in this day and age i would really prefer the leader of the nation with the worlds largest compliment of nuclear weapons didnt believe in the religion which sports that rather wacky fire and brimstone Revelations ending. ... you know how it goes yeah? all that appocalyptical armageddon sort end of the earth type shit.

    anyone else thing thats kinda stupid?

    america.... stop voting christians into power. fuck... we'd actually be safer if it was muslims in the white house. :D


    but as for corruption....
    ... that's the fault of a capitalist system. the unfairness of the uneven distribution of wealth. the system that praises ideas like "gotta spend a buck to make a buck" and "the rich get richer and the poor stay poor". Money is power. 1 dollar, 1 vote. isnt that how it goes? woo hoo. :mad: :(

    i dont know if anyone has ever told you guys, but there is no reason for us using oil any more.
    there are alternatives that are cleaner, greener, more efficient, cheaper and renewable. but better yet... you don't need to go blowing up other countries and further scaring and poisoning our earth. we can grow hemp to fuel our cars instead. grow enough and we could end up selling hemp fuel to them instead of stealing their oil.

    seriosuly... what kind of a sicko goes and destroys all the infrastructure to a nation, then places it in a cripling state of anarchy for a few months, has a half assed miltary rule, and causes more upset to international relationships across the globe than has ever been seen in history, and why? for what reason? just to get all the money from the contracts for rebuilding it, and a strategic global possition for world domination. I say George should pay for rebuilding all by himself... well.. maybe get a few of them rich oil basterds in on this. and tony. all of yas! ye dirty corrupt con men...
    and then throw them all into soletary confinement for the rest of their lives and have them all on webcams too to show the world what happens when you try to take over the people of the world.


    getting too mad.

    to see what they have done to our beautiful planet. and the thought of what they might next do.

    ok. rant over.
    sory for the randomness....
    just going at it as i felt.
  8. on the why we still use oil energy stuff?

    because other wise GM wouldn't make money no more.

    ok, now that all elements are present here at the city (look around: anything I'll be using from here onwards has been talked about at the city)

    let's start

    {start X-File Rant}

    now let's put some pieces together shall we.

    on one hand we got a guy named president by the money that comes from the top poluers on earth.
    that guys refuses to sign anything towards reducing the damage being done to the planet (as of today, our technological achievment states that these damages are one way only)
    on another hand we have too many testimonies of weird things in the sky over the US. That starts by area 45 (or whatever ##) and ends in the pandora box with people seeing something that flies like no technologie known to man could fly.
    (i won't start quoting all the reference in the entertainement industri from all over the world, for that I'd need a few TeraBytes on HD)

    with all these pieces there's a pic you can assemble:

    could it be: when ready the american industries will spawn a new technologi that will give USA a new power over the world. that technology will either undo the damage done up to now, or prevent those damage to be lethal.


    when I heard that the President of the usa has /NOT/ signed the kioto paper on CO2 reduction. It made sense to me that he was doing so knowing the consequences.
    now as far as our knowledge goes, the consequences are: nex generation will not be able to look at the sky without protection.
    and the next will have to hide frm the sun.
    in this perspective, nobody slightly inelligent would say no CO2 is not bad for earth's futur.

    but If you put yourself in another pespective: once CO2 will have ruined the ozone layer, and enrgy from the sun will be so strong we won't be able to live under it, US will be the sole provider for the {technology, know-how, material, or whatever} that will alow to disregard that problem.

    I say on the long term GWB has to have a agenda.

    there is of course the posibility that he is stupid enough to actually believe what he said..
    I sincerly hope for the sake f the futur generatons this is not it.

    just immagine: in 50 years, no human ca have the sun touch his skin, unless he has first taken a pill only fabricated in the US?
    humanity would be at the mercy of us ..

    {end X-File rant.}

    Now, what's your X-File scenario? ..

    (mine is actually that someone will do what L.torvalds has done in the computer busness: someone will release the information _ just for the sake of sharing)

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