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  1. Dance of the Dead

    You're dead

    Heard too much, know too much - don't know
    if I can take it
    If the system had one neck, you know I'd
    gladly break it
    They've got us where they want us - stuck in
    this sick romance
    They need no chain - it's in our brain
    And we don't stand a chance

    If we keep doing this deadly dance
    End this sick romance
    The dance of the dead
    It's all in my head

    Know the deal, the way we feel - those of us who care
    Constant pain, the endless rain becomes
    too much to bear
    Feel the need to concede - pretend it's all ok
    But the horror, today, tomorrow, will never
    ever go away

    If you give in to the deadly dance
    You've got to take that chance
    The dance of the dead
    It's all in your head

    Ain't got the time or peace of mind to deal
    with the likes of you
    Your narrow views, your two-bit moves just
    tell me that you're through
    You're dead
    You're dead
    You're dead

    Don't give in, live the sin - let them see the sight
    There's no answer in the end - live free, fall or fight
    Keep in mind, that you'll find them standing in the way
    Run them down to the ground - make the guilty pay

    And there'll be no more deadly dance
    End their idiot prance
    The dance of the dead
    It's all in their heads

    The dance of the dead
    The dance of the dead

  2. i thought for sure i was the only one on this site who even knew who they where....

    altho i had a feeling after seeing a few of your posts that i was no longer the only real metal head arround here....
  3. Blind has got to be their best album. Fucking awesome!
  4. fuck yes.....blind and wise blood...

    i love that banner....and you are right ...the bus should have landed on lars....

    my fav pic of him is where he is holding the little dasie and fliping a bird...
  5. what part of the world are you from ..hatebreader.?

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