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  1. I was going to post another letter written to me by Larry Bucshon of Indiana but they must have something attached to their emails to where you can't download it onto your computer to upload it to another website. It shows up on my files as a spinner? One of those wheels that keeps turning. I swear people are so dumb in this state! How am I suppose to get at least medical passed if everyone here keeps reelecting the same politicians over and over?? How did the other Republican states do it?
  2. Our republican governor legalized it over 6 years ago. Everyone in your state that is for legalization should be writing/calling/emailing your government DAILY. Spread the word, make it happen. If everyone just sits at home and hopes it will be legalized, it will never happen.
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  3. I was going to do that come Monday. But how would I reach the "masses"? I can't go to every gas station in Newburgh and Evansville. I'm sure that if they would have done testing in the US on what THC does to certain cancers, there would be an outcry tomorrow, but I guess there's more money in chemo and opiates.
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  4. Sad but true. Same in Kentucky. We are only 2 of 11 states that don't have medical weed. If you are from another state, you would be thinking these are a bunch of cousin fucking hillbillies. most of America are living in the 21st century. We're not even in the 20th century yet. :bang:
  5. Honey, I was born and raised in Kentucky. Compared to Indiana, Kentucky is a very liberal state. Noodling here is illegal!! I don't know anyone dumb enough to do it, but the KDFW said that you know a good noodler if they are missing a couple of digits. KY has the most liberal hunting and fishing laws and very cheap licenses. Indiana doesn't have a disabled vet or lifetime license like KY. And they have a limit on how many poles you can use! That's crazy! Just because someone is fishing with more than three poles doesn't mean he will clean out a lake. Fish are not stupid. Just my luck, I would be forced to leave KY after my mom died and if I was still living there, I could go to Illinois and get as much as the KY gov would allow.
  6. True dat, Indiana is as bad if not worse than cuntfucky That's the way I spell it. I'm from D.C./ Maryland where free people live.
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  7. At least I would have been partially free back in my home state of KY. The Governor there signed an order that pardoned everyone caught with 8 ounces or less. Now the prosecuting attorney in Louisville told the cops there to don't bother bringing him less than 8 ounces of possession in cannabis cases. That they would be a low priority.:yay:
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