Correlation between light watts and flower time?

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    Is there any, or do plants finish the same time no matter whether your using a 250, 400, 1000w bulb?

    And for that matter, is there anything that accelerates the flowering time?
  2. I am pretty sure they take the same amount of time with more light, they just get bigger during that time. Though it does seem that shorter photoperiods and lower temperature will accelerate the time a bit. Only read about anything more than about a week faster though, but that much I have seen.
  3. yea its the same amount of time

    but you can have faster growth under a 1000w then others and if you were to put 2 identical plants (thats not possible even with cloning, the closest you can get is seeds) into 2 different rooms a 1000w in 1 and a 250w in another they would both probably be done at the same time but the 1000w one will have way more

    it can be different but probably not more then 1 week, I mean you can see that the bottom buds on most plants are not done when the tops look done so you have to wait a few more days - I would say no it doesent make it faster or slower that is all on how it is grown, because you can have the same plant as a friend and it can take longer then his to finish or "look done" or the other way around

    once you get used to the genetics of the type of bud you are growing you will firure out how long it akes - I know that the maui wowie I have takes 63 days, not 64, not 62, 63 days thats just how it is - but the la confidential I have will be done anywhere from 50-60 days depending on how it looks its strange how the maui is so exact but the la isnt, yea the la is 100% indica and the maui is like 80% sativa so that could have something to do with it
  4. Thanks....sounds like the answer is no correlation between finish time and wattage.

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