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Correctional Facility

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XxJWxX, May 13, 2003.

  1. What up GrassCity! Good to be back to freedom. Ive been in a correctional facility all the way in Montana for a little over three months. (*) my mom found coke and a scale while walking into my room, turned it into the judge, i got court ordered there for a month, and then i got in two fights while i was there which added another month each time. I got pneumonia while I was over there and was coughing up chunky dark blood balls, plus my fever was 102 and it still took those fuckers two weeks to get a doctor to see me and give me pills. What kind of bullshit is that, I probably came pretty damn close to dying. My weight dropped to 128 pounds over there because of the small amount of food they give you, and now that i've been back for about 4 weeks I weigh 145 and im still gaining. Anyone been to any kind of correctional facility? Rehab does not count. A correctional facility is either juvenile hall, jail, prison, or similar behavior modification programs similar to boot camp.

    Anyways, i've been through hell these past months. Pushups in the snow, running in the morning, cold showers, no tv or magazines or cards, no phone calls, horrible horrible food with no condiments meaning they give you no sugar, no ketchup, no salad dressing....nothing. God it feels good to be home. Im actually not allowed in the house anymore so tonight Im moving to Bangkok, Thailand to live with my dad over there if my passport arrives on time. So im pretty excited about that.

    Anybody else been to Bangkok? I know they execute you if you deal drugs and they sentence you for life if your in posession of large quantities so ill keep it down, all i wanna do is just smoke bud, maybe do a little ecstacy, drinking, shrooms, and of course (lights one up) cigarettes. I also heard they sell vicodin, codeine, valium and a whole bunch of crap in the pharmacies over there without prescriptions so that should be pretty fun. Plus the night life is great and the women are gorgeous so this'll most likely be a good experience. No more coke or meth for me, done and over with that. Good to be back people.
  2. Sounds like you went though hell and came back man.I was locked up one time but it was just for a weekend.that had to suck ass man.I know how you feel man no fun in jail.Peace man hope you have a kick ass tije over there.Peace
  3. It's good to see you back.........I'm sorry for all the hell you've had to endure these last few months. Parents sometimes put you through things like that because they think they are doing what is best for you. Overprotective parents can be a pain sometimes!!!!!!

    I'm glad you made it out alive and you are back to your normal self again!!!!! Keep in touch and have fun in Bangkok. And be careful because I wouldnt want to hear about anything else awful happening!!!!!!!!!! Keep in touch!!!!! Peace and love and this next bowl is for you!!!!!!!
  4. Hey flower havent seen you around here in forever.How life treating ya.I thought you left the city.Ive been here for a well now but never post and ive seen alot of the best people to come to the city leave.So they need to come back and its good to see you back.


  5. Hey hun.........I had a rough time with the law and the crazy ex from hell that decided to bust my computer into a thousand pieces but I'm back now for good. I could never forget about all the great people that reside at this city. You should post more too!!!!! See ya around!!!!!!!

    Hugs and kisses always!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Welcome back, XxJWxX. I really hate that you had to go through hell like that. I'm not a parent so I can't understand what's going through their heads but I feel that too many parents are going to the extreme when trying to discipline their children or either they aren't doing anything and expecting others to do it for them. You should have never had to go through something like that.

    I really hope that you enjoy living with your Dad in Thailand. Make the most of it and make sure you let us know how you like it there. :)
  7. well I want to first off say i am happy for you that you got out of hell... I am also glad that you are done with cocaine, and meth..... that stuff is wack! stick to shrooms, alchohal,acid, and weed ofcourse.... be carefun in tailand, and I hope you get off to a great start! good luck! bye
  8. its a funny ol' world.

    good to see you survived it xxjwxx, and welcome back. We expect reports from Thailand, so you better get your ass on a puter hooked upto the net over there. ;)

    why the fuck do they do shit like this to people who do nothing more than sample that which chemistry and nature has to offer!? btw, i think that was a REALLY fucked up thing for your mum to do... but probably not as fucked up as the shit you had to endure in the cage, but yet again, you wouldnt have gone there if it werent for your mum.

    and did it "set you straight", as the eyes of the law and the blind see it? did it fuck... that shit never works. so not only are they doing you a great diservice, but also themselves, the taxpayers, society.... all for fuck all.

    it's a funny ol' world.

  9. Thank ya'll for the welcome and concerns. No it didnt "correct me" one bit, I did decide to stay away from the coke and meth but that was all my own decision. Actually I snorted more adderall there than I did here, so maybe it was negative on my behalf. Guys would cheek there meds and trade them for food so that was available. Im in bangkok, hooked up with a beautiful woman my first day here, get to drink whatever I want even though im underage, and i get to go to the titty bars no problem. They fuckin love Americans. I just got my USB cable for the digital camera so ill put some pictures up for ya'll and start posting on the forums again. Havent had any bud here yet but its coming my way in the near future so thats good. Till then its alcohol and pussy:)
  10. Parents don't realize that when you go to jail, you have even more access to drugs. I'd never do that to my kid.

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