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Correct way to hit a bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JPsmokin, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hey I'm getting my first bong on sunday very excited to say the least. So I've really only been smoking for like year and a half and id say 95% out of a bowl have only used bong 4 times and ive been smoking on a daily basis for about a year now so im relatively new and was wondering. What is the proper way to hit a bong ive seen the milk and clear but i usually just keep inhaling till i know its time to clear and i inhale for longer then just enough to get the bong filled with smoke. Are their any downsides or benefits to certain methods or is it just preference
  2. Light the bowl and inhale, then pull up on the stem to allow you to inhale the rest.

    The more you inhale before you pull on the stem the more milky it will get.

    I think thats the only way to hit one... lol
  3. Spark the bowl and inhale until there's a sufficient amount of smoke in the chamber.

    Pull the slide/release the carb and inhale until it's all gone.

    Don't be like those fools that fill the whole tube up with smoke and then take their mouth off it to catch their breath. The smoke is going stale and the THC is becoming inert while it sits there. You should always do it in one single breath.
  4. Nice and slow, let the smoke build to a milk.
  5. You really asking how to smoke weed?
  6. sometimes for a larger bong, I'll inhale until the chamber is completely filled with thick milky looking smoke, and just a little bit actually makes it to my mouth, then cap off the mouth piece with the palm of your hand, exhale the little bit of smoke you've already received, then remove the bowl if you have a slide style, or take your thumb off of the shotgun hole if you have one and take that big mass of bong rip quick!
    ...then probably cough
  7. Suck bong
    Suck until run out of oxygen
    Put hand over top, regain breath
    Pull slide/carb/whatever
    Suck that shit up.

    ( ^ I usually only see new bong smokers use that method )

    Slightly suck bong
    Light the bowl well.
    Get it nice and milky, saving your big breath for the most part
    Pull slide, suck like a motherfucker
    Get that shit in yo lungs and exhale like a champ
  8. no jassie just want to make sure that when i get my new piece im doing it properly. Wouldnt wanna waste my money or weed :p
  9. I've never heard of THC becoming ....inert...

    Link to that? I'm kind of curious.

  10. [quote name='"benwise"']

    I've never heard of THC becoming ....inert...

    Link to that? I'm kind of curious.


    Well I don't think he means inert I mean it can't be lost but I think more like it tasting stale and idk smoke escaping and stuff
  11. #11 DazeOneLuv, Nov 18, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 18, 2011
    Lmao ? Really u basically explained everything in ur op.... Some ppl make the dumbest threads
  12. TBH I was questioning whether to put that in there. I've read that THC can become non-psychoactive after 5-10 seconds of being burned/vaped. Considering this is recounting something I read on a weed forum after smoking weed, I might have misread that post :smoke:

    I do know that the smoke tastes stale and tends to hit harsher if you let it sit.

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