Correct phosphorus toxicity?

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  1. Hello GCO!

    This is my first organic grow, and I think I was heavy handed with my top dress at the beginning of flower.
    IMG_2582.JPG IMG_2583.JPG IMG_2584.JPG
    Lower growth:

    I think that they may be showing signs of a phosphorus toxicity, and that toxicity is causing deficiencies.

    I've searched GCO for some keywords, and the few recommendations for other people experiencing issues seemed to be to add (vermi)compost or EWC, and to consider adding a tea.

    I'm hoping someone can provide some guidance. Should I top dress some vermicompost? Should soil drench or provide a tea? Or should I just LITFA?
  2. For right now, LITFA.

    A couple of quick questions.
    Just what was the P source you over applied, and how much did you add?
    Do you have a worm bin, or compost pile? Something that doesn't come in a bag?
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  3. Okay, will do.

    I didn't top dress anything with a significant amount of P -just kelp meal. I saw some P toxicity which seemed to cause a zinc and iron deficiency a month or two back, and I used some TM-7 to help with the deficiency. The plants worked through it, and when I went into flower I wanted to add some things without any more P. I've watered with 100% coconut water and an aloe extract from MOFO, but straight water other than that for the last three or four weeks.

    Yes, I have a worm bin, and I have one tray that I can harvest. I know that AD is big on Malibu compost so I picked some up, meaning to use it for mixing soil, but that's available too.

    Thanks for the help, wetdog. I really wasn't sure how to correct nutrient issues in a setting like this, where flushing won't do anything -nothing to flush.

    Part of my problem is that I used smaller pots this round, and I feel like I have to feed the plan, not the soil, in the smaller pot. Another part of the problem is that I used a super soil that I purchased so I'm not 100% confident that I know what's in there.
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    How much TM-7 did you apply and how often? Also, what "supersoil" did you use if you don'y mind me asking?
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  5. Hey Chunk! I fed a tea that had two teaspoons of TM-7 and foliar fed the same tea in the third week of July.

    I used Kind soil. They recommend using about half their soil and half a normal soil. I had some FFOF around so I used that.

    I've learned my lesson. I'm getting a 25 gallon fabric pot ready with soil that I've mixed using notes from the No-Till: Revisited thread.
  6. I'm not sure how much water you used with your 2 teaspoons of TM-7 but the recommended amount is less than 1/4 tsp/ga. in soil. Over the years, we've seen some members having problems when it was over applied.
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  7. If that is what is listed on the packaging, it's very possible that I was incorrect when I said two teaspoons, but if not, then I definitely applied too much.

    Is there a way to assist the plant with making it through this period, or does it just have to work through my mistakes? Would it be a bad idea to water with aloe or MOFO's tonic?
  8. Aloe water would be better than tonic. The tonics are high priced glycerol IMO. Glycerol in and of itself acts as a plant growth stimulant. [cite] I'm just not a fan of the "tonics" when I can use raw materials and make my own.
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  9. Fair enough! I may give it some aloe on Saturday morning. I'll post another pic on Saturday so we'll get to see any changes.

    Thanks for the link, btw. Everyone is pretty friendly around these parts. It's nice to have people to talk to about this plant.
  10. THAT^^^

    *I* was one of those members and was even using the correct amount! What I didn't realize at first was, my fresh VC along with kelp meal was providing all I needed and adding even the correct amount of TM-7 pushed it into the "over applied" catagory. Still have over 1/2 bag 6 years later. LOL Instead, there are 6 worm bins going in the basement and a 50# bag of kelp meal in the garage.:Love-Plant:

    Have never bought bagged compost, soil, or EWC and you stated the reason perfectly, you really don't know, 100%, just what's in there or, how it was processed. DIY, you know exactly what's in there and how it was done. Makes things a lot simpler figuring out problems.
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  11. My general go-to *tonic* is a slurry of fresh VC made with aloe water. Aloe water = 1/4 cup of aloe juice/1 gallon water. Put a couple, three handfuls of VC in a container and add enough aloe water to get like a thin pancake batter and pour it around the plant. Finish watering with the rest of the aloe water and done. Sometimes a bit of kelp meal is added, sometimes not. Kelp meal is added on occasion to the worm bins, so some is in there even if I don't add any to the slurry.

    This is good when there is limited room to work/top dress. If you have the room, a top dress of VC, watered in with the aloe water gets you to the same place.
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