Correct me if Im wrong but...

Discussion in 'General' started by Thurmond_420, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Dr, Pepper is the fucking best soda ever invented :hello:


    the close runner up would be
    Baja Blast!


    What do you think?
  2. While in college we usually take 1-2 smoke drives a week, and no smoke drive would be complete without stopping at the ultimate drink stop, sonic.

    My favorite is:

    Orange Vanilla Sprite

    Happy Drinking
  3. ^^Thats does sound pretty tasty.
    Is it only at sonic?
  4. Only other place is like Sheetz I believe, they have a smoothie version.

    My fav is RC Cola
  5. Your not wrong.
  6. The Doctor is great but I prefer a slightly harder soda.

    Grape Crush + Sprite + Everclear/151 or vodka(for girls/girly men)
  7. omg, baja blast and taco bell is heaven on earth
  8. sparkling prune juice haha... I used to like Dr Pepper but nothing beats a cold pepsi imo.. im not drinking soda for the time being though.. gotta improve my health :(
  9. Fuckin' COKE.
  10. Dr. Pepper is good for mixing with vodka and liquor in general.
  11. you're wrong. its sprite and coke.
  12. i have some old school 1940's coca cola that has cocaine in it
  13. Mountain Dew FTW, i got a can of it beside me right now. Only soda i drink, since i'm such a pussy healthnut.
  14. [​IMG]
    if santa drinks coke it must mean its better than dr pepper

  15. dude, exactly. :hello:
  16. In my opinion the original Mountain Dew is the best when you are high!!
  17. coke all the way (in a glass bottle) but i still love dp
  18. Wheres all the Dr Pepper love?
    Come on guys...
  19. My list goes

    Ginger Ale
    Cherry 7 up
    Dr Pepper

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