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  1. Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to address the best. I'm currently starting a new grow. in a 6x6x8 room. my last grow turned out OK, however those who seen the product stated I needed more light for a better, larger yield. For this particular room setup, I'm asking the forum for suggestions on how much light, whats better, HID or LED, and i want to grow a minimum of 5 plants in this space. Room is already vented. Thanks for all suggestions.
  2. I grow 2 plants per 4x8 tent
    The Samsung Quantum Boards sold by Horticulture Light Group .
    For the Samsung Boards or the Cree/Cob boards you need 28 watts per square foot.
    The Samsung boards are powerful and your plants need to stay about 16 inches away from the light ..
    You can make or assemble your own LED lights , and that is what I suggest ..
    I suggest putting the Power supplier on the outside of the tent . ( less Heat inside the tent ).

    For Samsung Quantum boards the cost will be right around 600.00 to 700.00 bucks assembled .
    That would be right around 600watts
    The Samsung boards are the most efficient lighting known to man at this time.
    The Samsung Boards use half the power of all the other LED lights being sold on the market .
    Efficiency in lighting is how much heat the light produces , the less heat the light produces is the most efficient lighting as in power usage .
    You need x amount of watts per square foot and how many plants you grow in that area is up to you ..
    Less plants and training your plants should be considered .
  3. Geez...I keep hearing about these Quantum Boards......I GOTTA get up to date regarding these bad boys.
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    This hard to explain to someone who doesn't know LED terminology and technology ..
    In operation I have two 4x8 tents and a walk in closet .

    I am still buying the Samsung Quantum Boards …….
    I made some bad choices in the beginning , first by buying eleven 300 Watt mars lights ( AKA Blurple )
    Then I decided to make my own LED grow lights and bought old technology ( Cree/ Cob ), which was 3 times the cost of the Samsung Quantum Boards .
    It was 1400.00 for 375 true Watts and are half as efficient as the Samsung QB's.

    In both of my tents I have four Samsung 2V 288 boards , all Led ( light emitting diodes ) are powered by DC voltage .. Mine are at 154 DC volts @ 2600 M amps
    My power supplier on one tent is 120/110 AC Voltage making 154 DC voltage.
    In the other tent I run 240 ac Voltage to 154 DC V at 2600 M amps
    HEY 154 DC volts at 2600 M Amps can be dangerous ….. my point is no exposed wires which can be touched by you or get sprayed with what ever you spray with.

    I have all my power suppliers mounted on the outside of the tent to cut down on heat inside the tent and right on top of the heat sinks ..

    I buy the Quantum Board kits .which is the QB and heat sink then I buy my power supplier or one company in called Mean Wells .
    from another supplier .
    Then the power supplier has to be wired in or from the wall socket AC voltage to the power supplier/mean well Now AC Voltage has been converted to DC voltage going to the Quantum Boards .

    Its some where close to 540.00 $ for the four 288 QB's and power supplier ..
    Then another 75 to 100 bucks more for plexiglass and hanging hardware.

    I can help with instructions in what to buy and how to wire up the QB's and power supplier.
    Member TBoneshuffle has his shit together on Quantum Boards and is the member who pointed me to using the Samsung Boards .
    If he chimes in I would listen to him ….

    Here are some QB's
    QB Kits
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