Corporate slow down of production

Discussion in 'Politics' started by craigd89, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So does anyone else think its feasible that if a left wing president were to be elected and implement reforms...big business would purposely slow down production as a reaction to confuse the masses?
  2. no, because it would cost them money.
  3. Shit like that could happen if few enough corporations control the majority of the market to reach a consensus about these things. In an extreme case, like if only 5-6 corporations control 95% of every market, they could make agreements like this. But if too many are involved to make an agreement, they will simply perish under the competition of those not involved.
  4. like obama and obama care?:confused:
  5. No, it's not feasible. Our current left-wing president has given big business everything it could ask for.

    Sorry, left wing was your words, not mine. I prefer corporatist.
  6. But with all risks, they need to be calculated losses.

    Also, isn't what OP says something from some Ayn Rand book that Libertarians all circlejerk/read to each other?

  7. Left wing ≠ corporatist.
  8. Our current president in not left-wing

  9. He's not? Really? I mean, REALLY? He sure as hell isn't mainstream. Not in my universe. :wave:

  10. He is depending on the terms we are talking about. W was left-wing as well.
  11. whaaaa????!?!?!?!...companies curtailing production to reduce supply and thus increase prices people are willing to pay for 'stuff'...over a new law and/or tariffs, taxes, the FED lowering interest rates....oh horrible to be possible:eek:

    Lay off most of your staff to show your asinine displeasure after DC makes a law you don't like...such as a minimal wage...and just have some 3rd world slave labor camp do it for pennies on the pesos...nope, that could never happen....:eek:

    Cost a big corp? Nope, not today...just whine to DC you are too big to fail and DC will hand you a few million to soothe your woes...while pissing on, oops...I meant, 'trickling down' on the poor and middle class...:eek:

    Corps lie, cheat, steal, murder, coverup, buy off the law, but NOT try to cause economic issues in a local/regional/national level via a production oil, gas, coal...naaaaaaaaaa....they do already, it isn't a 'would they' issue, they fucking do it!

    Old theme, been going on for some time now...:mad:
  12. And it's counterproductive... The last thing big corporations want is a free market. You think they enjoy competition?

    They are much better off investing their money in corrupting legislators and getting the laws passed in their favor.
  13. Maybe it would work if they where all in some secret society like some people say they are. I think they would rather use the government to keep there wealth though.

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