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cornering a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wat.jpg, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. what is it? i hear it but never knew what it was
  2. lighting the edges of the bowl conserving the "green"
  3. Not roasting the entire greens so everyone can get a good taste from the bowl.
  4. yea, i see it as a very legit action in a smoking circle.

    you just keep the lighter far off to the side and torch one corner of the bowl, so that most of the circle (depends on the size) can receive a pleasant-tasting green hit on the piece.
  5. it's not being a bogart and having some compassion
  6. Its weed etiquette.. Heres a very good description

    If you're offered the "green hit" (first hit), take it, but don't light the entire bowl. You can take a nice hit and still leave most of the green intact. This is called "cornering the bowl." Hold the lighter at the end of the bowl and suck the flame towards one corner of the weed. If the bowl is packed, there should be enough green for three or four people. (This tip is most appreciated with smoking expensive marijuana.)

    Go to its actually a really cool site
  7. It's when you touch the flame to a very small portion of the green in a bowl.

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