Cornered by frustration over these laws

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    I simply must let off some steam before I blow a gasket. Before say a month ago, I was very nieve (I just liked to enjoy my smoke and mind my business) and never really looked into anything regarding the legality and twisted mindset the government has been able to instill. It just blows me away that we've not only been lied to over the past 73 years of prohibition, but the fact that we've caught them lying over and over again and we do NOTHING about it. War on Drugs = Civil terrorism.

    Terrorism is defined as:
    the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

    I'm sure most of you have seen this through the videos of our militarized police forces sticking semi-automatic rifles in the faces of innocent, (otherwise)law abiding citizens, killing/shooting their pets, and so on. They're terrorizing families.

    And these people that are against marijuana legalization, put there shutters on and go "la la la I'm not listening, marijuana means heroin, unprotected sex, and murder" need to see the devistating effects of the laws against prohibiting marijuana firsthand... the raids, the permenant lowerclass status those carrying a marijuana misdemenor/felony live in (generally).

    I can't even organize my thoughts, they're too sporadic. I know medical marijuana seems like our ticket to catalyse legalization, but I feel like there just isn't enough focus on the recreational usage. It a perfect world, you could buy pot at your grocery store, but that'll never happen due to the corrupt, distorted, misinformed views toward Cannabis.

    Like I said, I'm cornered by frustration... I think I might start learning dutch and apply for a work permit, because stupid ass backwards corrupt governments sticking their heads into my fucking business is a downright insult and truly makes me feel like a prisoner of my own country.

    What do you guys think? As in, your legitimate feelings about the War on Drugs?
  2. Man, I know how discouraging it may be to stay in a place that is filled with oppression, but if people leave, you really aren't helping anything. I can tell you I get so discouraged with so much in this country, not just the War on Drugs, but I know I won't ever leave because I have hope that we (the people) can and will change things.

    As far as the War on Drugs, I think it's just crazy. If people would keep an open mind and research a little, they'd realize that this thing is a huge waste of time and resources. On a social level, it says a lot about our society that it's more important to track down personal drug users than to keep dangerous criminals (pedophiles, rapists, murderers, etc.) in jail. Bottom line, this shit needs to end. Yes, it makes me angry, but I try to put that energy into being productive and working towards change. I hope it will help, and I think it is. More and more people I know are changing their minds, and they are seeing the hypocrisy and the destruction this drug war is causing. It won't be long before we overturn it. :hello:
  3. Straight up. It's all gonna' collapse, most of the crazy politicians that think, their lives are in danger because someone's smoking a joint in their own personal private backyard, are gonna be voted out, will day of old age, or die of cancer. LOL I can't wait to hear on the news of some old white politician needing some buds just to eat. :D Maybe couple will understand then.

    But until those days ( IMO half a decade to a decade ) just keep on gettin' high :smoking:

    Do politicians even get cancer?
    Anyone ever heard of the last one that did?
  4. oh, and i love how the government has done its own research on cannabis, and even when the results came back as it should be decriminalized or legalized, they continue to wage war. i know how it feels to get discouraged by this sort of thing, but we all just have to hang in there and keep ourselves and others informed, and be ready to strike when the time is ready. (i'm talking to you cali, washington, oregon and colorado lol)
    and as always just keep on smokin
  5. Sounds like a good idea (moving to the Netherlands if possible). :)

    I'm an anarchist (anarcho-capitalist to be specific), so it really comes to no surprise to me when governments have ridiculous policies like our current drug laws. Governments, through the policies they implement, always commit atrocities and this drug war is just another added on to the ever-growing list.
  6. You can see why i've completely givin up on humanity, if we kill ourselves I might just laugh at it.
  7. The worlds fucked. But it's on our generation to sort it out now, there isn't anyone else to do it after all.

    And yeah, the war on drugs is fucking retarded. Making something a criminal offence when it should be a public health issue is just... something that someone who was mentally challenged would actually think was a good idea.

  8. Listen to this guy.

    The reason the Netherlands, and most other Europeans countries, seem so great to liberals (me included) is because of the people in history who've made it that way. It won't be a short battle, but the most radical thing people can do is withstand adversaries and discrimination so in the future other people don't have to.

    The United States is way too conservative for me, but I have hope that it will change as people become more educated and more exposed to the hypocrisy of past generations. Especially with the place of Internet in our society, where most everyone has access to it and very few things are censored.
  9. Good thoughts everyone. Mind you, when I said a work permit, that means I get a pass to go work there for a temporary amount of time; I am here to stay. I just think it would be nice to get a taste of the atmosphere and then return to the "great battle".

    The thing that gets me is, and try to think about this.. What if Nixon's War on Drugs had been 90% successful? Imagine 90% of the people who used marijuana was caught. Half the country would consist of concentration camps imprisoning every single user of the drug.

    What we have now is borderline legalized concentration camps (with the exception of murder/starvation... this is contextual) with our privatized prison system.

    You pay taxes to support the government.
    Government has two identities: Public, and private.
    Private Goverment sells drugs (CIA caught many times)
    Drugs end up in the hands of powerful dangerous people, keeping profits out of economy and enchances the crime rates within the country.
    the drugs trickle down dealer-to-dealer until it reaches a consumer
    the Tax-paying Consumer's house is raided for amounts >1oz.
    Consumer sent to prison where more tax dollars are spent to hold this person for years.

    Its just a vicious circle with two winners. the Government, and Corporations (pharmecutical, oil, etc.) Anyway, I plan to stand the fight. For the first time I feel like I will see legalization in my lifetime. Even if it takes another 30 years, I will be 50 at the time, newly retired, have a great retirement plan, and smoke every single day for the rest of my life, and I will pass on content with my stay.

    I see marijuana as the Martyr of the Governmental corruption. Long live the weed. :D

  10. Ted Kennedy died from brain cancer in August of last year.

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