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Corner the bowl = ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AHCx, May 4, 2011.

  1. Just read the advice thread in seasoned, and everyone was saying 'corner the bowl'. Whats that mean?

    Also: Trying to find a new stash spot. Ideas? Want to make a false bottom or something of the like
  2. Cornoring the bowl---it's like basketball gotta get on that defense n corner em.. jk.. lol. It means to not torch all the weed in the bowl with a single light. Save some greens for others. You could put your stuff in an empty big mac container.
  3. I tend to only corner the bowl if the bowl's being shared personally, unless it's a big ass bowl of course!

  4. I hate when peeps burn the whole bowl. I try to pass away from them and leave them last on a bowl.
  5. That video helped. Thanks bro! looks like an awesome channel
  6. Yeah, think of it like doing circles around the perimeter. You don't want to spark the whole thing - you want to save some green for your fellow buddies (no pun intended). So, you go Outside => In, using concentric circles to do this.
  7. It is, I love Paul! Tokin Daily has become a part of my stoner life. Everyday I watch his video and toke along!

  8. lol. wut?

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