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  1. So how this came to be was I received a free white widow seed from Attitude with my order. My friends and I were just joking around with fun things to do with the seed. One of the ideas really stuck with me though, and that was just to go above and beyond with it and turn it into a big plant. We even named it after my Friend's ex, Liz, Because she was a big bitch both figuratively and literally. So I went and made a 20 gallon pot, and decided to make this my first attempt at LST. I know I did it way wrong, that's why I am posting this Journal, because she goes into flowering soon and I like doing Journals with progress and figured some people might enjoy this wacky plant. 

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    Flowering Day One:
    Last Week Before Flowering:
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    You did a decent attempt. It appears you tie down all the branches. That's the intention of LST and it will help you yield. The purpose of LST is to spread the plant out as wide as possible while keeping her low to the soil. It look like that's what you did. Now just lower the light to the point you can tolerate you hand being help above the plant and not burning. This way the plant get the most lumens from the light.
  4. Alright, Thanks man. She hits flowering today so I am really looking forward to seeing what she can do. 
  5. Went into flowering a little bit later than I wanted. Had an issue getting the lights, but oh well. No time like the present and another week of veg didn't hurt. 

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