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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dfrager, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. I have a corn field like 2 min walk from my house, I mean this thing is huge, its really big, and the corn grows about 7 feet tall by late august. So if i grew it would not be noticible, I was told though a corn field would not work is this true ? another problem is I have a cop living 2 houses from me :( Not to worried cuz my buddys neigbour is a cop and he harvested 2 plants in his backyard without even his parents noticing ! Unbealivable, well he said his parents dident know !!! LMAO
  2. yeah corn fields arre tough to grow in, they go brown and the canibus does not, probably wouldn't be noticable if you planted around the edge and didn't plant to many, most of the cornfield busts are hundreds of plants that are green in a sea of brown.
  3. Yeah i know of people growing in corn fields, just make sure your plants are spaced out. If i had a corn field closer to my place i'd do it, but its like a 20 min walk up a huge hill to the closest field. Next season i am going to start about 200 clones for outdoors, behind my place theres over 300 acers of woods that a dude in florida owns, nobodys ever on its because its posted, i'm going to walk all over his place and spread out plants everywere. I know if i have a ton of plants i'll never check on them all until harvest but it will give me something to do i guess.
  4. brown corn and green weed is one big problem but if there is other weeds growin...a plant or two wont be a big deal.
    and they harvest corn about a few weeks usually before ur bud is at the best (unless the farmer is lazy or late).

    but the real problem is the hebicides they use.
    maybe its roundup ready that case they spray to kill everything and only corn will survive.

    or kills EVERYTHING and is some nasty stuff.

    but hey its worth a try right...i mean if u get lucky...u got some weed!

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