Corn Field Growing?????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by FADIOUS, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Irecently got permission to grow in a 160 acre corn field .... good ol'boy liked my indoor herb n offered to let me grow 10 in his field as long as i space them n give no overhaed map for the po...
    i know corn needs alot of nitrogen n CANNABIS will die with to much.
    what should i do here.... veg in 5 gal buckets with good soil n then knock the bottom out n put em in the ground?...just thinking it might provide a buffer for the nitro....
  2. i think corn harvests earlier, so you will have to figure out how you will keep the plants alive when he harvests his corn.

    also what you will use to disguise the plants once the corn is gone.

    if the corn will be there until the bud is ready to be harvested i think the 5 gal buckets would be a good idea.
  3. he says late sept he'll cut .. also says if theyre out of sight from roadway traffic they'll go unoticed ... if i sporadically place them will 10 plants be easily spotted .... this big bud seems pretty dark green compared to the widows in the closet....
    first out side attempt
  4. i think you should be alright.

    you sure they will be done in late september.
  5. probabally not finished :( they'll go in the ground 6/21 but im not sure when my light hours change .. (im in eastern COLORADO)they'll have roughly 110 daze out there though....i'll use it as expierience for next year ....
    trial n error have brought me into this crazily rewarding hobby so im not scared to sacrifice 10 beans for the knowlege or the cause......
  6. i hear ya on the trial and error.

    i had to scrap 30 beans this year for my outdoor grow.

    10 maroc x afghan 10 early misty 2 NL x g13/widow and 8 bagseed.
    do you order or make your own beans??
  8. i order my own.
  9. No way will theybe done in early sept you starting in late june and finish early sept I started mine mid may and should be done early 2 mid sept
  10. Firstly, MJ starts to flower as it detects the days getting shorter, this occurs about early August, most strains being done by late September. Flowering occurs at the same time, no matter when the seed was sown.

    So sow early to have a large plant by the time it starts to flower. Leave it late and it will not have grown big when the flowers form, and yield will be low.

    And I seem to remember corn is harvested in late August / early Sep, before your herb is ready. This idea may not be practical if your farmer harvests with a combine.
  11. these beans are gonna be 30 daze old when theyre sown so not exactly off to a good start anywhoo, ill just have to deal with it ... i grow fur myself n wife so not like im ruining a cash crop ...and besides ill still have some LST'd girls in low places ......
    so for next year i wanna get em in the dirt same time as its being seeded???

    ill put en there by hand and know a day before he chops it up

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