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Corn Field Grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by MattttG3, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. hey all, i am going to be growing in a corn field that i have had an eye on for a year now. i know the exact date they come threw to get the corn and everything and its get sunlight so i know i will be growing my dank seeds there.

    my question is will i be able to just plant the seeds in the ground and not have to worry about nutrients reaching the plant as i imagine that a corn field already has that. or should i still plant them in there own planter? thanks in advance
  2. you should be able to plant it in the ground because the corn is grown in fertile land, unless they added slow releasing nutrients that arent the correct ratio, IMO i think you should plant in buckets so that you can move your plants instead of having to harvest early due to them harvesting the corn. because if you harvest to early it wont be at the peak of its THC production
  3. is it safe to plant cannabis near corn? they use some really strong ferts for corn, and pesticides..
  4. And corn fields are frequently tended to, at least the one I used to ride though was.
  5. Don´t you need to know if it is corn for animals or people? Different harvesting time.
  6. I have grown in cornfields many times. IMHO You should germinate your seeds at home in small containers and transplant them to the field when they are about a month old. From that point it depends on how big you want your plants to be. If you just plant them in the field with no amendments to the soil, your plant will not get very big. Its not so much that the soil doesn't have nutrients in it, but that the soil is too compacted for MJ. Just follow the advice of the sticky on outdoor growing in this forum no matter where you are growing and you can't go wrong.

  7. i am not sure who the corn is for, i think its cows though.

    it has been there for 4+ years and they always harvest right around the same date each year. i figure i can get them done by then, or almost done.
  8. Well i would plant it in a corn field cuz of these reasons-
    An i would just did up some dirt from the field and grow it elsewhere.

    1.When they got to crop the corn theyll find your grow.
    2.If your town hire detassalers(ages 14-20)(destallers-pick the top corn stock)
    there will be kids that might come across your grow they could report it or coem jack it.
    3.Unattened plant will not grow to its full potential.
  9. He not speak English so good.
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    You said you knew the date they harvested the corn every year. Which is great. I assumed you knew that to be after your plants would be done. Corn that is grown for animal consumption is harvested in October, unless you have real early or real late plants that is when your plants will be done also. The trick is knowing exactly when they are going to harvest so you can get your plants out ahead of them. Sounded to me like you have that part covered.

    Corn that is grown for human consumption is a very small percentage of all the corn grown. It is only about 5 feet tall and is harvested much earlier, as opposed to 10 foot and more for feed corn harvested in Oct., so now you know what kind of corn you have. I doubt that its sweet corn.

    Don't listen to the naysayers. It can and has been done. Do a search on it, there are some documented cornfield grows.

    Where I live lots of people plant in cornfields so the rippers walk the cornfields and LEO flies over them. But you can still get away with a few plants here and there if you do it right.

    Good luck with your grow, you won't be sorry you picked a cornfield to grow in. Tell no one and leave no trail or trash.
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  11. thank you brother. i have watched this site for a year at least to make sure its ok. i am picking strains that will be able to be harvested by the corn picking date. i just am worried about maybe harsh cems in the soil. the harvest date is in september.
  12. I've never had a problem with that, but I always use my own dirt to some degree at least. They do use a weed killer when the corn is small. I wait until the corn is knee high to make sure that its disapated when I plant. Here that would be end of June to beginning of July. They don't use insecticides here.

    If you want nice healthy plants mix your own dirt and dig a hole for it about 2 to 3 feet deep.:smoke:
  13. Sorry I had to cut that last post short. Had to leave for a few minutes.

    Thats great you are getting some early budding plants. Thats what I'm doing also. That way I know for sure I'll beat the cornpicker. I'm trying some Easy Sativa and Purple Power from Female Seeds. But I'll be putting my Big Buds in the briar patches of course:) What are you using?

    But back to the harsh chems in the cornfield. Its been my experience that they don't use enough fertilizer for what we want to do. That corn can thrive in conditions our plants wouldn't do very well in. Thats why if you just plant in the dirt thats there you will get an oz or two per plant. If you dig a hole and put good dirt you can get up to an lb. For about an hour per hole in work and a few bucks in dirt I think its worth it.

    What are your plans for water and maintenence?
  14. yea my farm guy doesnt check on this field ever cause he lives some 5 miles from my plot. he used to own all the land and then slowly sold it to banks/couples/friends/co workers etc and he kept this piece this whole time,40 + years, cause its really a perfect plot. he is also very old now so probably wont be going out for the hell of it anymore.

    my early plants are haleys comet, four way, dreamtime, diesel ryder, lowryder 32 x ak47, and ams. all those are pretty early finishes, so i can get most in the corn field and out before the man comes around and i have another plot in a huge field and i will plant the longer flowerers over there.

    as far as water and maintenence goes, i am going to use distilled water for feeding, plan on getting a couple gas cans, spray painting them camo, and bringing them back and forth with water.(the plot is relatively close to my house and getting spotted isnt a worry of mine). i am only concerned about deer, and any animal/insect that may harm my baby. i plan on using my dogs collected hair from the past year and spreading it out around my area. i might throw a little of mine out there but i dont want csi investigating my hair and it being by a marijuana plant haha.

    i have wondered if i should just dig a good sized hole and pour the mix in the hole, or should i get a pot and put the mix and my plant in that. anyone have any idea?
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    let me ask, do you plan on planting your plants like in the corner of the field? or right next to the corn?

    i doubt you'll have to worry about insects if he uses pesticide on his corn
  16. All sounds good. By what I've read it sounds like you might want to do the auto's in pots and keep a close eye on them so they don't dry out.

    But the others are a different story. In my experience, the deeper I dig the hole the less water I have to carry. If you can dig and fill the holes then wait for a rain before you plant, it really saves on carrying water. If you think about it.. is there ever a time in your area where the ground at 2 feet down is completely dry? I think we live in similar areas and the ground dosen't dry out at that depth here. So your hole (media) acts like a sponge, when it dries out it absorbs moisture from the surrounding soil. A container in the ground can't do that.

    For the deer you can use fishing line tied to cornstalks to form a barrier around the plants. At 18 and 36 inches from ground approx. I have more trouble with groundhogs and coon so I'm using coyote urine instead of little fences this year.

    I'd be interested to hear how it goes for you and what dates things finished for you. Maybe you should start a grow log?:smoking:
  17. from what I know about corn, it attracts alot of aphids and other pests. Im not saying this isnt a good idea, but thats just my 2 cents.
  18. well my plan is to plant about 2 in the farthest corner from humans, and right in the middle of the corn field there is two little "islands" of land about 20x20 feet each. These "islands" have a couple full grown trees and alot of other healthy life. I plan on putting my northern lights, red dragon, and ams there. That way the most prized grows have less of a walk for me to go, they are relativly safe in there as NOONE around me would walk out to the middle of a corn field and investigate the land in it.

    i also figure if that plant life is thriving so good there(i mean really good) then my plant should have no problem with it either.

  19. thank you for all the info man. i am going to deff take the fishingline idea. i am also going to grow them in the ground and some in pots. the in ground ones will be in the cornfeild and the pot ones out by the forest.

    i agree that we probably do have the same ground type etc. i noticed you live in western NY a couple posts ago. not sure if coons will be a problem with me, as its my first grow, but i can only guess that deer no doubt will be a problem, and rabbits.

    what is a good rabbit repellant?
  20. Until this year I've always used a small fence to keep the small critters away. But after reading several posts where people have used fox or coyote urine and it worked. I did a google search and ordered some. The reaction I usually get is: what if that urine attracts fox or coyote? What I say is: I hope so! I hope I have a whole pack of coyotes living with my plants. At least they won't be eating my plants and meanwhile I couldn't hire better protection from rabbits, groundhog, coon and deer. We have lots of coyote here, you can hear them but you very rarely see them, because they run away if a human comes within a hundred yards.

    So I guess I can say for certain that fence works.I'll be able to tell for sure if coyote urine works for me in about a month.:smoking:

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