Corn Cob pipe?

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  1. i just got a corn cob pipe thing, and i was wondering where i could drill a hole in it that works like the holes at the end of a bowl so that when you let go of the hole, all the air comes rushing into ur lungs. sorry if its confusing.

    ill try to post a pic of the pipe

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  2. to drill a carb is a different way of asking the same thing
    anywhere as long as it penetrates under or to the side of the actually bowl hole,,, and into the cavity of the arm.
  3. dont bother, smoke it as is, carbs are more of a bonus than a necesity
  4. [​IMG]

    "How about if i smoke this corn cob pipe?"
  5. The point of the hole that lets air rush into your lungs thingy is to get the smoke out of the inside of the pipe. There is so little volume in the stem of a corncob pipe that it won't make any difference.

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