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Corn Cob Pipe Not Lighting?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grantgodfrey7, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi, I have a Corn Cob pipe that I've used for a couple months now, and it has always worked fine. But today, when I try to light it the flame bounces off of the rim like it's being blown by wind or something.

    No matter how close I hold it or anything, the fire will not go into the bowl. It's like a force field preventing it from going in.

    I've Googled and searched and found nothing. Any ideas?
  2. you need to be sucking through the pipe to make the flame go into the bowl part
  3. Is the pipe clogged? If you inhale when lighting, it should work.
  4. The physics of this just do not make sense.

  5. Yeah I'm definitely doing that. But the fire is repelled and burns my finger no matter how hard I inhale.

  6. Exactly why I'm so dumbfounded. I've been smoking for almost a year now (mostly from pipes) and I've never experienced anything like this.
  7. dude... troll?
    idk.. but obviously its clogged or something? clean it? poke a hole with something through the rez or whatever dude lol its pretty simple
    or maybe theres a bad leak somewhere in the pipe (check the joints i dunno..) corn cob pipes are cheap as fuck lol so if its not clogged, the air your inhaling isnt coming through the bowl its coming through the leak.
  8. that pipe is haunted dude

  9. you sir are the winner. :hello:
  10. Most likely clogged my dude!
  11. Have sex with it
  12. I'd call the fucking ghost busters or something man...

    Or just run a pipe cleaner through it.. Sounds like a clogged piece

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