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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by canabliss, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. is it safe or even healthy to use a cork as a bowl? because i got a bottle of patron with a cool cork i could make into a bowl. so wat u guys think yes? or no?
  2. I usually just go by this little rhyme when I think about smoking out of a cork..

    Smoking out of a cork a day keeps the doctor away!!!1!!!1!!11 ^_^ lulz
  3. No..I don't think thats a good idea.
  4. ...Fail
  5. Stupidest shit ever....
  6. hahaha that brightened my day up :smoke:
  7. i just wanted to to kno if it was good or not i decided to stick to papers
  8. QFT... With an ellipses and a stupid sentence because my post was to short.

    Edit: My ellipses had 5 periods...
  9. I think it would burn and isnt it like made of wood? or something like wood at least?

    Thats probably bad for you
  10. well, thats a pretty interesting idea.

    put a lighter to it and see how the cork burns. if it seems inert,
    and doesn't smoke or fume or combust...than it's probably fine.

    but, yea be careful about the woods you burn out of because sometimes that shit is soaked in mad chemical treatments and shit. :D
  11. bad idea dont do it cork comes from a tree it will taste like shit if it does no harm
  12. i did that out of desperation once, and hey if you carve it right its not that bad, tho you may get a little cork dust. but hey im still alive so you should be cool too
  13. Corks are very porous which might make for a difficult seal on the bowl. However "Cork has been used in rocket technology due to its fire resistance" (wikipedia: Cork). It's at least flame resistant enough for the use of a bowl, however I have no idea what kind of chemicals are used to treat it so I can't honestly tell you. My suggestion is to put a flame to it and see if it releases any unsavory smelling/looking smoke.
  14. my initial reaction was, "wtf that sounds moronic." but actually it might work really well. I may start using cork instead of tin foil for homemade gravity bongs.

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