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  1. so me and my buds cnt smoke for awhile and we are heading to see arctic monkeys tommorow we wud usual just get blazed but we cnt so my frnd had the idea of taking some coricidin. now i hav never popped pills b4 bc it just isnt my thing but i was kind of cinsidering it. i was hoping u guys could giv me any advice on dosage or anyhitn like that thanks
  2. If your going to do dxm coricidins are the worst way. I'd suggest taking half a bottle of night time zicam spray can be found at most pharmacy's
  3. Truly it is not worth it. You are risking fucking your stomach up seriously by taking the dosage most people would take to get off from. I'd recommend you just robotrip with some liquid cold medicine but I've never done it and I don't know if the drawbacks would be any better. If you are dead set on doing it and finding out for yourself, take 16 tablets (1 box) of cough and cold.
  4. Dude you get so fucked up you cant function normally. Dont do it, but if you take anything take one bottle of robotussin gel caps, the only active ingredient is DXM, not like CCC. (A.K.A codicin cold & cough) theres so much shit in those. So easy to fuck yourself up.

    The good ones look like these:

  5. word of advice; don't. that shit is nuts, maybe i just took too many, but i definately got really fucked up, almost too fucked up, i got really sick for 3 days after my ccc trip. (BY The way it wasn't coricidin it was the dxm liquidcaps (red things), and i took about 14 over 3 hours.) Do some other drugs, get some oxy or hydrocodone, some benzodiazepenes, anything else besides coricidin.

    They're the ones above i took.
  6. the morning after
    sucked so much ass.:(
  7. DXM is such a fun drug when mixed with good music though, i tripped and literally rode the waves of music in my mind after 20 sum pills of robos. Its a fun drug but really only worth it in the high doses, which always make u barf in the begining and leave a shitty morning after which only maryjane can cure. But stay away from CCCs, just get the robos and make sure have a good time.
  8. They can be fun, but not a social drug, you get trapped in your mind for 4 hours...
  9. I've seen one of my good friends fuck his life up with Coricidin/DXM. I admit it can be kind of fun to trip on it, and probably harmless if you don't do it more than a few times. But its pretty addictive and can really fuck with your body. My friend once had to go to the hospital because his heart wasn't beating right and it caused severe liver damage. It eventually got to the point where anytime he would trip on it he would just sit there virtually motionless with a blank stare and talk about dying...a lot of times what he said wouldn't even make sense. If you're gonna do it though, I would drink some kind of cough syrup (only DXM as the active ingredient) before I would take Coricidin.
  10. Yea robos only have dxm triple c's are bad news.
  11. i told my frnd to get robo bc DXM is the only active ingredient bc of course he had to get CCC instead. im still not sure if i shud just do it or not. i might just play it safe and wait until we get some robo thanks for everyones input

  12. No shit guy, people DIE on CCC's. Just wait. I've done the robo pills. Definately worth trying if you're comfortable with it, but take the right stuff. Stay safe.
  13. I've done it probably 5 times and while I'm done with that "experiment" it's worth a try as long as you know what to take, but it seems that's already been cleared up. See what you think for yourself. Hope you like barfing :)
  14. good man, wait.
  15. how old are you guys that are doing this stuff? when i read things like this it makes me sick.. you are not dealing with a flower here, you are putting man made chemicals in your obviously young body Please do not be stupid, it is not safe for you to do.. you said you were not a pill popper and you should stay that way.. i know it sucks you can not smoke be think about how great it is going to be when you can..dont fuck you brain and liver up by taking cough medicine....please be smart and if your friends still want do it you can just watch out for smart and if not be careful and remember what you take it can save your life should something happen
  16. People have died from eating 4 CCC's... It is absolutely NOT safe. That super fucked up feeling you get when you eat CCC's is your body struggling to survive... I've seen people bleeding from the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, and nearly DIE from eating those things.

    @ OP -- If you want to trip on DXM do NOT eat CCC's. There's other shit out there with DXM in it that isn't as harmful for your body. I suggest trying one of those instead of the Coricidin... It's your life man -- just be careful. You only get 1, and there's no re-set button...

  17. No way! It is definitely a social drug! I hate it when I do it alone. But I bond with others when we do it in groups. We swap trips and souls. It's very cool. There's no way I'd do it alone.
  18. Who knew i'd disagree with TheHempress on a DXM matter. Personally, I prefer DXM alone, but I am a very introverted person. I like being able to delve into my own mind and not have other people around, just chill to some tunes and drift away :)

    The few times i tripped on dxm with people, they were buggin me and in my head i could visualize ripping their heads off and from that point on anything they said turned to mush because in my mind, they did not exist any more :devious:
  19. the safest ones to take are the gel tabs. only ingredient is dxm.

    my friends ahve all tripped off them, but i popped 15 in a row one time and didn't feel shit. ive done that a few times with no results, i think i need to take the whole bottle.

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