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  1. Coraline was awesome. It was written (as a book originally) by the same person who did Mirror Mask as well as the same artist's influence for the film. Definitely a cool movie for those of us that are tired of watching transparent and predictable films.
  2. read the book...
  3. I have it, but I'm taking classes right now and don't have time to read stuff I actually want to read. I'm not talking about the book so much as the movie since this is the movie section.
  4. Neil Gaiman FTW! I wanna go see this movie!
  5. i saw it today i thought it was pretty awesome i usually hate movies with the type of animation it has but yeah i thought it was really good
  6. It was a great movie, I wish I could have been high and saw it in 3d though, but then again if there is any movie available in 3D I always wish I could have seen it, high.
  7. Great if you are high, great if you are not high. It's surreal. Made my high soo much better. Better is greattt :smoke:
  8. i picked this up outta the redbox a few weeks ago, and got endless hell for it when i brought it back to watch. troy was really skeptical. it was a great movie all around, though, and everyone enjoyed it. under rated flick in this area, for sure.
  9. it was a good movie, but creepy as fuck.
  10. dude i just watched this movie on bluray on my big ass tv. totally wasnt expecting it to be so good. whats mirrormask?
  11. def a great movie I saw it when it came out in 3-d
  12. I kind of blew it off because I am not into the Tim Burton style stuff, but a friend picked up the 3D version dvd and I thought it was fantastic.
  13. Ironically my cheif complaints with it are its "transparency and predictability". I think it was Roger Ebert who gave the best description I've heard of it in saying its plot was "like that of a childrens' video game. Clearly spelling out each next step and task well in advance, with nothing of consequence learned or gained in the end".
    My opinions of the film weren't helped by the fact that the theater I saw it at had just had their 3D equipment installed and it was not calibrated correctly, leaving substantial double and triple imaging throughout the film and on several "levels" since it was less a 3D film, and more a "layered" film. My head hurt for 3 days after. :-(

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