Copyrighting "Weed Names"

Discussion in 'General' started by AGGpIrAtE, May 28, 2006.

  1. Well I was thinking and this poped into my head

    Will Weed everbecome legal in the States? If so there will be alot of money quickly. What if say a few people start copyrighting the names before so they can sell that to the huge market you would have. I belive the tabacco companys are going to jump on it. Etc. Sooo Im going to start a list of anything weed realeted for company names/slogans etc

    -Weed- Just do it!
    Everything is simple with weed
    Worldclass Weed!
    Can you feel it? -Weed-.
    Weed the smart choise
    Weed never sleeps
    Ohh la la weed
    Weed You'll love it
    Weed -now-
    Tree? Yes please
    Feel the magic of nug
    Don't get in to way of dank
    Be young have fun tast dank*********** Best one i think

    Sorry about my complete randomness but i decieded to write it down so i dont forget it :smoking: :smoking: :)
  2. no offense, but those arent the best weed slogans.
  3. BAHAHAHAHAH. I feel the same.
  4. If I were you, Id try copyrighting names like.. whitewidow, northern lights, etc. That way, when it becomes legal, if the tobacco companies or whoever want to sell that strain, they have to pay you to call it that :)
  5. I can see it already. Going to the cornerstore and someone saying "Yeah can I get $20 gas on pump 6 and a box of Northern Lights?".
  6. It would be more like how camel has like... turkish silvers, and stuff. So like "could I get $20 on pump 6 and a box of camel northern lights?"
  7. they will compete to have the better erb camel, marlboro, newport, etc shit man that would be the day
  8. Tobacco companies already have copyrights on certain names anticipating the day it becomes legal...
  9. damn well im dunk as fuck i killed a 5th of captian mos and droped 3 e's but i had lemon water!so i an hydrated as fuck you know?
    But you guys are right this seemed like a beter idea erly
  10. A little off the subject, but does anyone think the tobacco companies would corrupt marijuana the way they did tobacco? somehow I feel like cigarettes are completely different then the tobacco they had growing here back in the day.
  11. umm.....

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