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  1. On Cops this kid got busted with 2 OZ of weed and a pipe, he lets him search his pockets he shoulda said no i do not concent to a search. He should not have said anything. But damn man thats alot to get busted with. Now his friends are raggin on him and telling the police everything
  2. hah yeah man. before i knew about the bullshit cops will try just to bust you, i saw an episode of cops where an officer approached two people to warn them for not signaling a turn or something, then they ended up being questioned seperately and then going to jail for possession because their stories didn't match.

    after talking with the female, the cop walked over to the male and started to intimidate him with statements like "she already told me everything, i know what's going on. so it's in your best interest to not lie to me, now i want to know your side of what's going on tonight" even though the girl didn't tell the cop shit! and the boy got scared and told everything becuase the cop lied to him about already knowing. i thought, "man if i ever get in that sort of situation i'll have a quick conference with the people i'm with to make sure we tell the same story if individually questioned."

    'cops' ended up educating a stoner on one way to not go to jail :rolleyes: :cool:

  3. I just saw that too, the problem is that they watched him purchase it They could have searched him whether or not he said they could. You notice they stopped searching the one kid and didn't search the other, I think the guy that got caught just took the fall for the other guys.
  4. i watch this show alllll the time. everyday while i blaze in my room cause i just find it HILARIOUS to sit in my room smoking a bowl watching OTHER people get busted haha and cops cant do shit cause im high as fuck in my room

    sorry cops is on, so im obviously smoking, lol im high.

    good show good show.
  5. I was just watching that. His friends are assholes... snitching on him like that. He seemed to like keep his mouth shut too, when it came to the cops asking if the weed is for his friends and shit. He took the fall by himself... then his friends go and rat him out on everything. That's low, very low.

    But you said "he lets him search his pockets he shoulda said no i do not concent to a search. He should not have said anything"... remember though, the cops saw him make the purchase next to the high school. Either way he would've been busted.
  6. COPS is one of the few TV shows that I actually make it a point to watch. Definitely a good show. Watching people get shocked to shit with the taser's is funny as fuck.
  7. cops is stupid
  8. ur gay
  9. Cops actually originated in my county, Broward. Lol I remember when I was a little kid and they would bust all the crackheads in Lauderhill up...I think I have the first ones on tape.

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