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  1. So this weekend I ran out of home-grown goodies, and decided to go buy a half ounce so that I got something till my new plants flower. Most of you dont know New Jersey too well, but I decided to goto a town called Newark (the ghetto of ghettos) lol. I know quite a few people there and get serious hook-ups for low prices.
    Now when I rolled up to the block, I had a very strange feeling but like every other time when I should listen to my instinct but i dont, I met up with my boy Seven and got the half ounce, but as im pulling out of the block I see a cop sitting at the intersection accross from me. And wouldnt you know it, the pig threw on his lights and pulled me over.
    After a loooooooong time of being questioned, the cop finally decides to ask me if he can search my car, which naturally I say no too. The pig then said that if i dont agree he will call out the dogs to search my car... I decided to stop trying to make him look stupid and told him he can search my car hoping he wouldnt find the goodies, but he did.
    As he was pulling out the baggie out of my stash spot I thought i was going to jail for sure. But then the officer did something ive never seen a cop do, he opened the bag and gently smelled the weed with a small smirk. He then told me to get out of Newark and never come back :eek:

    I mean damn, if he wanted to blaze shoulda just said so, id smoke him out :D
  2. Every cop smells it. They have to make sure it's actually pot.
  3. speaking of smoking with cops i smoked with the sheriff of my town he had a home made wooden nightstick that was a pipe it was a lil akward but cool none the less:D
  4. What was his reasoning for pulling you over? Did you do the deal outside dude's house or something? If not, I dont see why the cop pulled you over, unless you pulled in went inside, and came back out in a matter of like 2 minutes. Maybe you shouldn't be so hasty when you do the deals.

    It just sounds like the cop violated you to me. I wouldnt have let him search. Should've let that pig bring the dogs. At least it would have been legal then...

    At least you didnt go to jail.
  5. well see, since Newark is considered one of the biggest ghettos in USA, it is perdomenatley black... so theres a lwa in Essex County New Jersey that anyone found to be loitering with illegal intent gets charged with "Wandering with intent to purchase or distribute narcotic" and the cop saw me pulling off a well known pot distribution block.

    Fuck it lol, i went back today and copped a half ounce of bubble gum :p

    I mentioned to my boys what happened with the cop and they said that cop and his partner have been doing that to a buncha people lateley.... at the end of their shift they wait to catch someone on the block... take their weed, and leave lol... i think what we got is a case of corrupt stoners on our hands lol
  6. I live 20 min away from newaRK My boys boy went there and he got shot in the head over a 30 bag of yay. new Jersey is a badass place. Its where the weak are killed and eaten. LITERALLY!!
  7. One evening we just rollin and buy some stuff in Gas station . Near by inna di road smoke bud , my friend ( car driver) smoke mari and just that time police car coming by car, i dont see police car because almost time is (winter) and suddenly police show light straight into car window. ask : what you all doing here ? mi seh : nothing, just wait my friend :D before I and my friend smoke whole 1 gramm :smoking: and rather high youknow .

    bong continue burning down driver seat . fortunately police man not see that .

    and we are free do go . :D

    this time I be somekinde paranoid .

    my english is not so good , i could make lots mistakes do write this story .

    the kid ur talking about i knew too (if ur talkin bout the kid that went down with his girlfriend and they both got shot-up, but she survived as far as i know)

    thats awesome dude... you should cruise by my house :D

  9. Yeah, When I was 15 I was picking up a large quantity of Yayo and Bud from Newark... I was shorted, bugged on the guy, and guns drawn... conclusion?

    Me: Shot 3 times in the chest. Survived, did a year and a half in Jamesburg Juvi.

    My best friend: Took the 4th shot for me, Died.

    Kid who shot my friend: Charged at me with a blade while I was laying propped against the car... He didn't know there was a Gun next to me...

    Bad times in Newark. Make your money ( or spend it) as quickly as you can, and then get the fuck out. You take a minute to rest, Better have a bullet proof vest, haha.
  10. I find it funny that were ever there is yayo there is death.
    Weed I think is a little more low key. If somebody gets shot or killed over weed there usually is another motive.(They needed the weed for money to buy yayo or meth) People are just stupid on yayo and meth they don't think. Stay away from yayo and your life expectancy go's up 50%.

    Sorry to hear about your friend.
  11. I thought camden was worse then newark? I've walked through newark (from newark penn station to NJIT) at like 3am before drunk as shit had no problems, never been to camden.

  12. Yea man i see her around shes in a wheelchair and is learning to walk again. its a damn shame

  13. The are both pretty bad man, i guess you just got lucky.
  14. A lot of my boys went to jamesburg, if your white in there your screwed.

  15. Nod, I wasn't alone though, we had just got back from a night in the city (new york).
  16. Word, I live bout 15 mins from newark as well. When I moved back to NJ(was away for 2 years) I lost all my connects and had to go to JC to pick up bud- worst fucking experience ever.

    where ya'll from? north bergen here

  17. your full of bullshit

  18. Definitely unnecessary.....

    Crazy story Spaz
  19. I've been to Camden. My mom grew up there, too. She tells me all these stories about robberies and how she almost got kidnapped like 10 times.. its a really fucked up place to be.... i HATE going there, but maybe thats because i'm SERIOUSLY paranoid.
  20. Shot in NJ? How come I didn't read that on the paper? Nah, you're not getting shot in Newark, been there alot of times, the most likely place you'll get shot in is camden. You can walk through that town and the "black" people will always start something, never happend to me, cause I stay out of there, but where I live in Jersey it is pretty bad, about 10 years ago, jersey was pretty safe to live in, now it's complete shit.

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