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  1. i live in maryland and was wounder if cops are allowed to do this to my friends.

    my friends where comin from pickin up a G and these undercover cops came up to them and asked them what they where doing in the woods they came from..

    they said just chillen and the cops said well we are gonna do a weapon search and patted them down and found a pipe and the weed.

    the cops said they got reports of kids smokin but are they really allowed to search my friends like that... seems kinda bs to me..

    they werent arrested just had to be picked up by there parents..
  2. Depending on the state law on pipes and cannabis, they should thank the nice officers for not arresting them. ;)

    Yeah, I think they can.
  3. same shit happened to my freind expt he got arrested
  4. Does anyone else ever stop and see the huge injustice in this?

    You search me for "concealed weapons" and all that, and during said search, you take time out of your busy day to try to find illegal substances that are in a totally different category of law enforcement? That sounds like british soldiers knocking down colonist's doors looking for weapons and then just looting and doing whatever they please under that pretense. (Nothing on british citizens or anything, just trying to create a clear analogy)

    Isn't that crap exactly what the founding fathers were trying to protect us from?

    Unless my pipe is a deadly instrument, which last time I checked it wasnt, you have no business harassing me under the pretense of your own "protection".

    And while we're on that note, does anyone else find it ironic that they're searching US for "dangerous weapons" and all that when THEY are the ones loaded down with scary ass tazers, mace, LOADED firearms on their belt? I should be the one concerned with weaponry here, not them.

  5. im fairly sure that they can only feel what is inside your pockets, and if they feel something such as a knife or gun, then they can pull it out. when i got searched after being picked up for pulbic disturbance or somethin, the cop patted my down and when he felt my phone he just said "cell phone" and i said yes. so maybe try to concel your stuff inside a box? idk
  6. ^^
    Maybe you guys should just keep your weed inside a real cellphone.
  7. [quote name='FenceWalker'] they should thank the nice officers for not arresting them. ;)

    yeah right,,, id have turned around and run right back in the woods,,,, being so young and full of enrgy,,,,,,,,,,, to where those old ass cigarette smoking bastards would have had a heart attack before they caught me/////////////
  8. well thanks for the replys.

    they are lucky that they didnt get arrested but it just seemed werid for the cops to do a weapons search when they are responding to a call saying they are smokin..
  9. its allways one thing with these fucking pigs,,,,, a smoking call is just the opening of a door,,,,,

    then its a full cavity search,,,, and then its off to jail,,,, fuck them m-fers,,,

    and fencewalker calls them '' nice cops'',,,,, yeah ,,,,,,,,,,, my ass,,,,,,,,,,

    a couple more of these harrasment episodes and you;ll feel the same way i do about these a-holes...................

    and fencewalker will be right there to call them ''NICE COPS'' --------- no i call people like that,,,,,,,,,,, COP SYMPATHIZERS,,,,,,,,,,,, :smoke:
  10. in where i live (frankfurt germany) they are allowed to search u if u look suspicious

    haha..a friend of mine got busted right in front of his house door..he just got back from a party and saw the cops but was right at the entrance to his apartment..he was just gonna go in when the cops turned their siren on and came his way..xD but he just got his weed confiscated and nothing happened..found dat funny :D

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