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Cops vs. Ak-47 (VIDEO)

Discussion in 'General' started by Nexis, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. Dont mean to "hate" on it, i just dont think that there is any reasonable comparison with hitler and bush, at least not on the same scale.

    Dont think thats the first time i've seen that little mini-vid ;) . Besides, you know me, i'm almost always on the same page as you with your ideas on the president, i just dont think hitler and bush are on quite the same level.

    Edit: however, i did really enjoy that link. I cant wait to see the movie in its full.
  2. It's videos like this that make me so fucking pissed off that people can talk so much shit about cops.

    Those fucking cops put their lives on the line and it looks like a few of them may have died so that they can protect the rest of us.

    I say bless our men and women in uniform.

    I do agree though...some cops are assholes :\
  3. Being closely related to a S.W.A.T member i can tell you that infact THEY (for the most part) DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU......In all honestly getting a kill is just a notch on the belt......Do not think for one second they are not killers just like the people the kill....They just have different agendas....Thats fact jack
  4. I definatley get that dude.

    It was that dramatic, slightly far-fetched comparison I was going for.

    Depending on what you believe to be true, under who george bush accepts orders, he is more like Hitler than you can imagine. Genocide, ethnic clensing, war mongering, persecution, torture, concetration camps.

    It's a half-truth which has the power to and the intertia to become a full blown dictatorship, and so far is in the right direction.

    I give you, what I have come to call the Nurmenberg Prophecy.

    Naturally, the common people don't want war, but after all, it is the leaders of a country who deterimine the policy, and it was always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a community dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do it to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country
    That was said by Hermann Goering, Hitler's Reich-Marshall.

    There is so much more. YOU have to search it out and read it for yourself. I wouldn't have believed it before the day that it was in front of my face, either.
  5. I take responsibility for giving rm that img.

    keep it!:D
  6. This is the mid-set of a man on the front lines. The man which has the blood on his hands.

    What the fuck do you think that those rich fat men think of us?
  7. No this is the mind set of a man choosing to go to the front line.....There is a big difference in being called upon and being there because you wanted to be....As for your fat rich men ill assume you mean politicians....Does anyone actually like politicians ? not sure how to answer that...Pretty sure everyone KNEW they are crooks
  8. and THAT is the problem.

    We continue to elect these assholes into office.

    It's time for a change.
  9. And with that, my mind is changed :) . That is a truely amazing quote. I think i remember you posting it a while back, but the more i start to follow the situation in the world and in the US the more relevant it becomes. The only thing that i still dislike about your new sig is that it requires an explination, but whatever, people will get it or they wont, and maybe they'll ask you about it, but at the very least it makes them think.
  10. Ask G Dubyas grandfather about hitler.......Grandpa was a board member on the bank that handled Adolfs money or something like that..Heard the old man was investigated into the 50's over that...Could be fake but theres a book written about it
  11. nah he shot himself after his dozer over heated
  12. DAYYUMMMM holy shitt..haha
  13. dont spew that shit unless you have references.

    the few parts of anything michael moore-ish that i have seen never gives detailed references for their information.

    the bush family has also allegedly been recorded as giving money to osama's family when osama was in diapers. but i have seen that verified nowhere.

    ive told rasta personally that i dont like his sig.

    politicians are not all bad people. its the corporate agenda that is to blame. george bush is a good man who is forced to make disastrous decisions.

    but its ok.....cuz the next politician will be the honest one. he wont be swayed by corporate agenda. and congress wont be influenced by corporate lobbyists. riiight.
  14. ok dude.... they need some aimbots or somethin'... them cops suck at shooting!... fuck..get some wallhacks or some ESP shit or sompthin' :D
  15. wow guys....i looked at his sig once n got good laugh...they are both 2 world leaders who have blood on their hands....including much innocent blood...and i can say as a canadian that im glad my country agreed not to go to this war because it is bullshit...anyone see the documentry when the states bombed the first city in repulsion of the towers?...not at anything specific JUST THE CITY because there was suspected al queda members....how would you like it if they bombed YOUR city because there were suspected soldiers.... the thoight of your lil girl gettin killed because of a "suspection" well YOUR little girl is no different then the one who was blown up playin outside minding her buisness....hitler killer jews and other people from different races....BUT HE controlled the WHOLE countrie and others and he could do what he wanted...HE was a genius and you know the saying " kill 1...a murderer....kill 100....a king...kill em all....a god" now he killed ALL that he thought needed to be killed to make the world a better place...of course it was not right to kill all the jewish people but it in mind it was...so technically HE WAS A GENIUS!! there...i said it..A GENIUS...but mr.bush....look at how his country and other countries portray him...the idiot president who has his head to far up his texan ass to know whats going on....BECAUSE in his first attempt on the war....he wanted to take over iraq and occupy it....look at him now.....his troops were blown away and he signed his shipping agreements to be run by who? IRAQ so before we go comparing george bush and Hitler.....in a way....both killers of inncocent people.....BUT...one was a genius, a god, a conquerer....the other...a mindless fool in control of one of the most powerful countries. amazing what this world is coming to....so rasta_man.....what you should do...is one of these 2 things

    1. make your sig a comparison between hitler and einstein (worked together both geniuses

    2. portray george bush with a mindless fucking monkey

  16. oh...and about the ORIGINAL reason people posted here....that is a crazy vid....see what happenes in your country that your amazing president is running? makes you think huh....but both ways....in canada is somethin like that happened...it would be a red neck newfoundlander with a 12 guage shotgun against police mounted on horses with deer hunting rifles :smoking: lol
  17. bump.....noone has any ideas about what i said?
  18. how does dubya sleep @ night?
  19. mabye if the man would of smoked some pot he wouldnt of killed them all

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