cops up, pipe down

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  1. The other day me and some friends were chilling at one of our usual hang-outs, longboarding and smoking. This place is a parking garage where we often go to longboard and, occasionally, toke. The place is empty and we're lighting up some grass in a brand new pipe that I had just bought the day before, when we hear a car coming. Naturally I pocket my stash and make it look like I'm just there to longboard, tryin out some tricks and whatnot. Then I see that it's a cop, not a civilian. Now I'm worried because I'm high, my friends are high, we probably smell like weed, we're in possession of prolly about an 8th oz of grass and a pipe. This is a campus police officer, but still a police officer. I have no idea what to do because we've never been bothered by cops here before so I just play it cool and walk over to the guy's car and ask him what's the problem. He tells me, "You can't skateboard in here." And I say, in my friendliest voice, "Oh, I'm sorry about that I didn't know. It won't happen again." He holds us there for a few minutes while he gets on the radio to command to check that he doesn't need to do anything else. Now I'm really freaking out so I slide my sack up my sleeve from my pocket, just waiting to hear the voice on the radio say, "We've had reports of someone smelling marijuana on campus, search em." But it doesn't say that. The cop tells us to go ahead and leave and we take off, all extremely scared. About 3 or 4 minutes later I ask my friend who had, when the cop came, been hitting the pipe to give it back to me and he tells me that he doesn't have it. It took a little while for me to understand the whole story but basically he saw the cop and, being paranoid and, i suppose, quick-thinking, threw it through the metal caging on the side of the garage and out into the abyss. It's laying in pieces now at the bottom of the building.

    I really liked that pipe too.
  2. though i dont blame him, id be pissed
  3. My pipe broke yesterday too ):. I've smoked him out countless times, him only about 1 or 2 times for me. He was going to bring 10 and me 5, only taking a nic. First off he shows up with 5 and makes me look un fucking professional in front of my dealer. Then when we're smoking he's hitting selfishly long out of my stash and there's 3 of us. I grab the pipe and try to explain to him what a dick head he's being and that he's had the pipe for over a minute. I was high so I don't remember, but basically the pipe went flying in my attempt to take my pipe from him. To take my pipe from him. To take MY pipe from him while he was smoking MY weed. I wish I broke it like you did instead /= I'd be alot less pissed.

  4. I don't think anybody would report somebody smelling marijuana haha.

    And well, I'd probs ditch the pipe as well, seeings as its not mine and fines and whatnot.
  5. Sucks dude, but hey at least your not in jail
  6. I dont blame the guy for ditching the pipe, but id be pissed if it was my pipe too
  7. Yeah I was pissed at first but later on I realized it was pretty hilarious. I wasn't too upset since it was a pretty cheap pipe anyway.
  8. I was parked once and me and my friend were smoking a joint. And a cop drove by and he threw the joint out the window.
    I was pissed but after 5 minutes I realized it was funny as hell.
    He rolled another with his weed though so it's all good.

    Sorry 'bout your pipe though
  9. Although that sucks, he did the right thing. There was no telling what the cop would have done.
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    lol, this reminds me of this video
    [ame=""]YouTube - Dave Chappelle - White Friend 2[/ame]
    "I'm sorry officer, I didn't know I couldn't do that."
  11. lol yeah well just replaced the pipe today so I'm not too upset plus it would have sucked if he'd kept it and the cop had decided to search us.

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