Cops tried to fuck me

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  1. Ok, so me and my homeboy are just finishing up smoking a bowl when we went back to his house. He had to get some shit so while I waited I packed a bowl. Then he got back into the car around midnight and we headed to our friends house. We were going to smoke my bowl when we noticed a cop car driving near us in this neighborhood so I start to drive carefully and shit. So I come to a stop sign and take a left.

    Immediately after this doosher fucking cop turns on his shit and pulls me over. i freaked but got a clutch ozium spray in. I asked him why he pulled me over.

    And he goes " first of all you were going 30 mph in a 25 mph neighborhood and secondally you didn't look like you knew where you were gong". I then told him I was going to one of our friends house to play video games (new madden). then the pig asked for my license and insurance and he asked my boy in the passenger seat for his id.

    So the cop's got our ids and shit just chillin in his patrol car for like 15 minutes running our records and being a cunt. We don't have shit on our records except maybe like 1 speeding ticket. In the meantime I'm hiding my nug and chillum in my shoe.

    The fucker finally comes back knowing he doesn't have me on shit and our records are clean. then he tried to intimidate us and just be an asshole. he started asking me if i'd been drinking tonight. I had no alcohol in me and i told him. cop said "do you smoke?...Does your mom smoke?...and asking shit about smoking. I told him i didn't smoke and my car was used.

    He then said some shit it being a coincidence that i had a lighter in my car but didin't smoke. I then told him I share my car with my sister and she occasionally smokes.

    then he asked us if we had anything that he should know about or some shit. "No sir" (actually two half 8ers, a bub, a chillum).

    he asked us if we knew where we were going and we told them yes. Then he told us he was going to let us off with a verbal warning on the speeding. And we peaced out after this fucker held us up for like 20 min trying to fuck us. If we were really doing shit and they searched us they definately could have arrested us. Thankefully i had a clean record and the cop was just trying to be a dick and see if I was some drunk driver.

    what a terrible experience, but the two bowls after healped ease my stress
  2. So, the cop is an "asshole" for doing his job and trying to find out if you were doing something illegal? Right. Grow up.
  3. Damn bro just reading that was a buzzkill. Having to deal with cops in pretty much any situation sucks cack.
  4. ouch, a bit harsh don't you think? one can rightfully assume most of gc's community believes marijuana laws are unjust. this makes a cop perusing this laws, thought it's his job, unjust in our eyes. but of course if you want to see it your way, that's fine too
  5. Word that was a real [asathecomic]biiiiitch[/asathecomic] comment Blutteufel
  6. so do the speed limit next time and you'll be straight.. that's what gave him cause to pull you over.

    sucks though that he had to be a dick about it.. wtf kind of question is "does your mom smoke?"? what a random thing to ask someone.
  7. And the thing is I wasn't going 5 mph over. I was going just over 25 mph, like 27 or 28 mph. Not 30 mph. So he when he pulled me over he lied about hwo fast I was going just to get a reason to pull me over.
  8. Next time something likes this happens and hes not issueing you a ticket or anything be like "am I being arrested or detained? or can I go?" You should never talk to a cop more then you have to.
  9. Cops tried to fuck you? Really?

    At least they tried, and the long dick of the law didnt penetrate your rectum.
  10. To be honest, I didn't know what he was doing. I figured he couldn't give me a ticket for going 2 mph over the speed limit. And he really had no reasonable cause to search my car except "he saw a lighter" :rolleyes:. So I'm pretty sure this guy knew he couldn't do shit after trying to intimidate and scare us.

    It seems like he just pulled me over to see if I was drunk (it was midnight) and give us a hard time.

    My question is could he have legally tried to search my car even if I was driving straight and only two mph over? He didn't even say it smelled like weed in my car or anything? His only thing was he saw a lighter and i was like wtf its a lighter. a lot of people have them even if they don't smoke so fuck off.
  11. Time to go to court if that happens, that is a search without probable cause.....
  12. Thats exactly what I was thinking. Thats probably the only reason he let us go because he probably knew he couldn't do anything that was legal to us.

    I am still pretty amazed he didn't say it smelled like weed, cuz we smoked like 3 or 4 bowls before that. i guess one spray of ozium can really come in handy. :hello:
  13. Since when is it the cop's job to randomly pull innocent people over and try to fuck them over?

  14. Yea, why the fuck is someone getting a verbal warning for 30 in a 25 you can do 5 over... and looking like your not sure where your going by what taking a left at a stop sign im apparently fucking clueless about my destination so i deserve to have a visit from some bacon..

    nah im good,
  15. so your methodology is anything can be justified as long as it's part of a job?
  16. Damn, I was so looking forward to reading a porno story!!!!
    A friend of mine got screwed by a cpl cops in Phoenix once. It was so hot!
    And she got way out of the ticket. Woo-hooooooo! Pussy power!!!! :D
  17. Apparently... :rolleyes:

    The cop saw that you didn't belong, so he pulled you over. He had no reason, and the speeding may have even been made up. He even said you didn't look like you knew where you were going. Guy sounds like a dick to me...
  18. I didn't see the part where he tried to fuck you.. Was he gay?

  19. Thank you.
  20. the cop wasnt even doing his job.. the cop lied about clocking him going 30, because he cant be driving with the radar gun out and get a reading.. he just wanted a reason to fuck himm over like a bunch of other asshole cops.. fuck the police

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