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Cops took my paraphernalia but gave no ticket..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ashadeofgreen, Feb 29, 2012.

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    So tonight the cops knocked on my door saying they'd been watching the place for a while because of a complaint that it smelled like bud. I would much rather peacefully comply than make them leave and return with a warrant, a dog, and more cops, so I let them in. Our place reeked.
    So they came in, VERY nicely asked for what I had, and I complied. They took a bowl and a jar of stems and left a number to call. I was never left a ticket. I was told that if I complied, they would destroy my "evidence". I was told that I could call the number "even if I see a party getting out of hand that may have bud". I am not interested at all in playing narc for the cops, but this situation is confusing me. No ticket? What?
    I am calling my lawyer in the morning to discuss legality, but beforehand, what do you guys have to say about the situation?
    I have already had a possession charge and been through probation. It is dismissed and I have no parking or speeding tickets on my record.

    Thank you for your help.

    NOTE: I live in North Carolina.
  2. I'm a little confused. They'll destroy the evidence if you comply with what? If you narc?
  3. In my opinion, it was probably 2 cops who joined the police force together and they are pot heads, they probably set up their own little stakeout on your house, spied on you and tricked you into getting your bud. That or 2 people dressing up as cops and robbin' ya. Although I don't think that would be the case here.
  4. personally I would have never let them into my house with out a warrant......
    No matter what they said. I'd tell them to come back with a warrant, and then let my lawyer deal with it.
  5. yea man id never let a cop in, even if i didnt have anything. Gotta have a warrant.

  6. why would two pothead cops need to raid someones house just to get some free weed?
    On top of that, why would two pothead cops leave a number for them to call back, want the OP to narc for them, if they just wanted weed.

    ON TOP OF THAT..... why on earth would any one dress up like a cop...which is a felony... just to go to some ones house to steal a tiny stash and some paraphernalia?

    People dress up like cops to rob banks, or steal suitcases full of cash or coke. Not to go to some kids house and take his tiny stash.
  7. I did not have any marijuana.
    I am NOT here to argue about whether I should have let them in or not. I did what I did that that's that. I am looking for some guidance on how to approach this situation from here on.
    I am NOT a narc. I am a college student who smokes to treat IBS in a non-medical state.
    I AM asking for guidance about the legality of taking my paraphernalia and not issuing a ticket.
  8. So basically they got a complaint, knew they dont have enough to get a warrant and so decided lets go knock and see if he lets us in. It sounds like they either are some kinda fucked up cops or narcotics division, or just fake cops looking for some quick free stuff. You should have asked for a badge number. Watch what you do from now on and keep it out of sight, make sure no one follows you, shit like that. Also if they come back again tell them to get a warrant, or even better dont answer the door. There is no law that says you have to open the door or even talk to them. If you feel compelled to talk to them because they saw you walk by the door just tell them through the door I am too busy to talk and walk away. I wouldnt answer either way.
  9. Ok well I bet the number you gave them is there's and if you report anything their just fonna go take their stuff for themselves to, honestly I wouldn't try and press any charges because while it is really really stupid that you just let them in and gave them all your shit, at least they didn't take your name or book you, I bet there's no record on file of you having any drugs or paraphernalia at the police station but if you bring it up with the court their gonna know you had paraphernalia and it could go to ways

    1. You win the case and might get those officers in trouble but now the police know you toke and might try watch you and bust you again

    2. You lose and get charged

    Edit: just read that u have already got charged and been on probation but either way I would still just let it go, let this be a lesson and don't just let cops in your house without warrants

  10. It's a little annoying when people ask for advice, then tell everyone what they DON'T want to hear about.

    But okay, I'll play ball.

    IT's a paraphernalia charge. You don't want to be a narc, that's great. Wish all people were like you. A paraphernalia charge is nothing, so get a lawyer, tell him you're story. The cops are just hoping that since you're a young college student they can bully you into being an informer over a petty charge. Your lawer will get in contact with the cops and tell them to either drop the charges or take the shitty bullshit paraphernalia case to court and see how it turns out.

  11. As far as the legality of their taking your paraphernalia without paperwork, I'm not sure. I am pretty sure, however, that there's nothing you can do about it. I'd just forget about it and not let cops in anymore.
  12. Thank you for the feedback I have received. Whether I answered the door or not is erroneous at this point. I appreciate the feedback on that aspect, and I will keep it in mind for future situations.
    Besides, the second I opened the door, they could smell it. I could smell it when I came home an hour prior and smelled weed before I even got inside. My roommate has some funk with a lingering smell from last night. That's probable cause on its own.
    I am not stressing the bowl. I never smoke from bowls anyways so it's not a loss.

    I AM worried, though, that if I "just forget about it", the charges could appear. Does that happen?
    I am on scholarship for school and would lose it if I got another charge.
  13. You never answered me, did you mean they'll drop it if you narc?

  14. I apologize, I did not see your question until now.
    They made it seem like they would "drop it" if I narc, but what will they drop if they never gave me a ticket? They never wrote down my name or took my ID.
    I am very confused about this situation.

    I just wanted to clarify again that I am calling my lawyer first thing in the morning.
  15. That's very odd indeed. A lawyer can most likely shed more light on this situation. Let us know what he says, I'm curious myself.
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    Nothing is going to happen, you are fine. Dont bother calling a lawyer, you are not in any trouble. They dont have your name, address(they dont know your address on your ID, answered the door or not), or DOB and so they cant charge you. You need to figure out an effective way to control that smell though man, that is no good if you can smell that shit outside when no one has smoked for hours. Get a handle on it because it sounds like you got some new friends to worry about who are going to check-up on you every so often to try to get some info. So if you dont want to get searched because it smells of dank outside and inside and then arrested when they find stuff then get control of the smell issue. It is what got you caught in the first place and it is such an easy thing to fix.
  17. your fucked your going to jail
  18. Tell us what your lawyer says OP. Good Luck
  19. Stupid troll thread or you fucked up by letting them in without warrant signed b the court.
    Probably phony guys with an outfit from party city
  20. The whole thing sounds like a story. If your not in jail then what's the prob? You have no control either way. You don't sound like someone who is a quick thinker so when something actually happens is the time to worry.

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