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    this has been on my mind lately and I just thought I would get some feedback from my fellow stoners
     ok, look I hate where I live and im trying to save up money to get the hell outta here whenever the opportunity shows itself, (easier said than done)..I really have no love for the police period , had too many bad encounters with them, but I was wondering . if a man moves to a different state, say Colorado, (please im not trying to ask a ignorant question here)..whats the possibility that getting to know the local fuzz could possibly be in your best interests as far as them getting to know you so they all come to realize that you are a nice guy and you don't cause problems and your a law abiding citizen?..any chance they may lay off ya cause they figure "this guy came to us and introduced hiomsef, he has no record and seems to be a genuinly nice dude, nothing to worry about with this one"..or am I just playing on a false hope?...I just thought that this was a valid question to ask you guys and gals on here and get some feed back....again im not trying to ask a dumbass question ..

  2. They might not care if your a nice person. Some cops will let you slide and others will fuck you over the first chance they get.
    Don't gamble with your freedom. The less they know, the better.
  3. It didn't work out to well for Rambo, I doubt it will work for you.  I would just avoid them.  Introducing yourself would make you extremely memorable.  I would not want police to remember me.  Just my opinion.
  4. If I was in Colorado, I wouldn't have anything to be concerned about the cops knowing about me..
    only thing I do that's illegal is getting high.... :confused_2: 
  5. I wouldn't go out of my way to introduce myself to cops... Unless you're in a small rural town, they won't recognize you anyway. 
  6. No way in hell
  7. What? Why? Lol its like you're hiding something? You remind me of that guy off Superbad "Hey, I'm a nice guy"
  8. Sounds like it would make you seem more suspicious.  That's what I would think if I were a cop.  If you are a law abiding citizen, then why bother in the first place.  You have NOTHING to worry about if that's really the case.
  9. I thought about sending my local cops some pizza from Pizza Hut. But I figured that can go wrong
    I used to play lunchtime basketball with a group of professional types that included cops, but that was in day they were all joking about one of the people that used to play with us. The dea took him down for dealing

    I would just be polite, stand outside your hous and when you see one rolling by, wave hi
    For big time things they will take you, but for little shit they will probably let it slide once or twice

    You could try a "controlled situation" that will allow you to interact with the local police and score you some brownie points somehow
  10. Save the treats and goodies for the paramedics and firefighters.
  11. What do you plan on doing on Colorado that will potentially get you arrested unless you make friends with cops? Weed is legal there. 
  12. we all know that cops are dicks period whether something is legal is not....I just hate cops like I hate rich privileged fuckin one stoner said im just trying to score brownie points ...CAUSE I DONT TRUST THE DAMN PIGS
  13. I assume you think Colorado so you can smoke weed legally. But unless your involved with unmentionables then what do you have to worry about...
  14. Is it in your best interest to pony up to the local cop shop and start airing your dirty laundry? Probably not. But it never hurts to be nice to others, especially police officers, and throw a few sweet little smiles in the direction of authority.
    I've definitely been waved along and given a break by coppers who know me and know who I am.
    Then again, I don't live in the militarized zone known as America.
  15. I know a few cops where I live through work. Does it give me a free pass? NO... However a few times I've been pulled over usually for speeding and let me go with a warning. I live in some what of a small town which makes a difference. OP don't go out of your way for ppl you don't like or to be on a cops "good" side. Just be polite and say Hi at most. 
  16. They would probably follow you home and kick you in the face.
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    unless you move to a tiny town you rarely see the same cop twice IME
    Edit- Put a sheriff sticker on your car... or "Bacon is Murder"  :laughing:
  18. Don't patronize with the enemy

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  19. It is not in my nature to seek conversation with strangers. This applies to law enforcement at an exponentially higher magnitude.

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