Cops they be tryin to snatch my crops

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PatrioT420, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Yesterday was my birthday, for a present to myself i bought a very sick bubbler and i picked up a small sack. So im with my friends smoking, then we seperate after a few and my friend decide to drive to carls jr.. so as we are driving there blasted and listening to kottonmouth kings i see the red white and blue lights go on. I freak out, i have a brand new bub luckily we got it with a case.. and my friend has a pocketful of weed. so the pig asks me for all my license registration bla bla bla then starts playing games with me...says i have no front license plate which i don't actually have... i wouldn't expect to get pulled over for that at 11:00 at night. then he calls the sargent so we have both front doors open of the car and the sargent says what i didn't want him to... "whats that smell guys?" lucklily the day before i had bought an air freshner so i said to the cop..."its summer breeze" his answer was "smells like weed i been on the force for 15 years, whatever im out" the guy actually left and told the young pig to search the car and arrest us if he really wanted to...they were huge dicks to us for the whole time but actually let us go. the young pig left us with "stop lying to cops".. i learned my lesson of being careless,i got stupid and luckily i didn't get arrested on my birthday. hide your weed people and hide it good. :smoking:
  2. Sounds like you got pretty lucky though, even though that guy was a dick. Especially since I thought by your topic that you meant the cops suspected your growing operation... which would really suck. :mad:
  3. Yeah I thought you got raided or something lol.
  4. I thought it was a Cypress Hill appreciation thread :smoking:
  5. i used to grow. haha
  6. Oh man scary, I'm glad I've never been pulled over yet :D
  7. Yeah man that sucks. Everytime me and my friends are walking around or whatever at night we ALWAYS get this dick cop that harrases us for half and hour writes us wrning tickets and lets us go. But Im glad you didnt get caught, especially on your b-day. that wouldve sucked hardcore.
  8. Hahaha that blows, make a fake bottom in your trunk, that always works, my friend hides his pipes n shit behind the trash thing that most cars have.

  9. im sorry but.. DUH! im sure when people drive around with weed in their car, they just don't have the bag hangin as air freshener from the rear view mirror. that's just common sense. but good thing you didn't get busted on your bday. i have plenty of friends who spent the night in jail on theirs.
  10. cool?
  11. this was actually the first time that i didnt hide my shit.. i usually hide it really well.
  12. SHINFO.

    You lucked up. I never ride with a piece on me, either a few joints or a blunt.

  13. never ride with something you cant swallow
  14. i thought you meant you were an actual farmer and that cops stole your like corn or something
  15. you got lucky as fuck man.. the cops prolly knew u had weed and were just too lazy to search u

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