Cops suck I rule!

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  1. Alright, so heres how last night went...

    I decided to get high last night (my decision, not my dealers) when he called. So we talk and he comes and picks me up (long story).
    Aight, so we're cruisin down the road high as fuck when we see this cop (we hotboxed it like 10 minutes earlier) and most of the smoke was out, but he's a dumb bastard and only cracked the windows.. *aye*
    Anyway, the cop sees us and pulls us over. *eek* I managed to stumble across, "Hello, umm.. yeah, we weren't, um..." when my friend slipped in to assist me, "Yo, I'm sorry man. I know I have my tail-light out. I was going home to fix it now."
    Can you believe it? That's not that funny part.
    "Your tail light is fine, sir. I was going to inquire about the smoke in your car."
    Oh shit, I just fucking dumped a load in my pants. I was going to jail... fuck. I was SO screwed... oh well, I guess have some FUN with it!
    "What smoke officer?"
    *officer sniffs the air*"THAT smoke."
    "I'm sorry sir, I have no idea what you are talking about."
    "Look boy, don't play dumb with me. Where do you live?"
    *points in random direction*"There"
    "Oh, you want my birthname or my..."
    "Fine, don't get so cocky. My name is Dominic."
    "Full name?"
    "Oh, I'm sorry. I don't have a last name. I legally changed it when I was in Vietnam fighting in the war. That really took it out of me."
    By this time, the cop is all redfaced and calling for "backup" or some shit. Jess is in the car asking me what the fuck I was doing. HA. I laughed and told him we were fucked anyway, so we should have some fun with it. He agreed :confused: ... lol. Alright, so while the cop starts towards us, we do a "chinese fire drill", aka: running around the car in a complete 360 and getting back in. We did like 2 of them, and by the time we did the second one, the cop was on his knees with his gun in his hand. LOL.
    Well, we fucking didn't want to die, so we decide to get in the car... but we close the windows and lock it and start blaring music pretending like we couldn't hear the cop. HA! So he starts hitting the window and we just ignore him. The other 2 cars roll up and start talking to the other officer. By this time, we were pretty fucking stoned, and had smoked all of our weed... thank god. The cops do a full search of the car, apperantly oblivious to the smell, and end up finding nothing.
    "Do you know the fines for carrying or smoking weed can be up to (random number he made up)?"
    "huh?" we almost said in unison.
    Eventually, he started asking us questions and we'd evade answers. Since he had no hard evidence, they decided to just leave us, cause it was like 10:30 and they were dumb bastards anyway... oh well

    Oh my ganja cops are idiots :hello: .
  2. Probably one of the best stories I have ever read on here. Good going, mane.
  3. that seems too crazy to be true, but if it is, go fuckin you man
  4. Yeah man its all true. Its just that IMO most cops are pretty retarded, and can be easily outsmarted. It also helps that I dont care if I go to jail(I'd be bonded out the next day anyhow). Anyway its fun to fuck with the police :D .
  5. I guess alot of crazy far fetched stories happen in Iowa :D.

    Haha jk, you're crazy man!
  6. cops can still be dicks and take you downtown if they are smart enough to think of a bullshit reason on the fly. at least here in the bible belt they do.

    btw, shenanigans.
  7. Sounds almost unbelievable, If you were giving the Cops that much shit, that he called for more units and drew his gun, they could have easily charged for for either resisting or not complying something of that nature, If you got pulled over, that is the last thing I would do.
  8. Cops here are the same way, we did that same kinda thing, except we got pulled over for flipping an undercover cop off for passing us, and we had a blunt still burning under the seat because we didnt have time to put it out, cop sticks his head in after the driver gets out(mind you theres smoke coming up from under the passenger seat) and he just says "Maybe its these cigarettes im smelling", we got off with just a warning to get rid of the habit of flipping cars off...was funny because he knew we were all smoking, but the car was like torn apart already, so you could see every possible hiding spot so theres no reason to really check
  9. Ha, nice story man...that was pretty damn funny.
    I'd love to fuck with cops like that and get away with it untouched.
  10. That funny man but those cops could of fucked you over for pulling all that shit when they got there.
  11. I'm sorry but I just don't buy this. I'd like to say fuck da man, but if this is true, the cop had ever right to be a dick. Even just getting out the car, any cop in his right mind would've arrested you on the spot for fear of personal safety.

    Again, don't want to be a dick, but I call shens on this.

    Nice story though.
  12. Yep, I'm going to have to agree.
  13. I'm sorry if you don't believe me, thats not my problem. This is just the way I've been running my life, all the police here know me. I grew up getting in trouble in this tiny ass town and unless I'm really doing something bad the cops don't do more than hassle me for a while. I wasnt trying to get on anyones bad side or anything I just thought what happened was pretty funny so I thought I would post it. :confused: sorry....
  14. i dont think its really a good idea to basically dare a cop to arrest you
  15. hahahaha chinese fire drills

    i love you
  16. I agree its not the best idea and I'm not telling anyone it is or to go do what I did. All I was doing was posting about something I did, thought if would make you guys laugh. Oh well.
  17. Dude, im just stating my opinion, don't get all bummed. Share your story and others can still comment. :) Im not trying to be a douche.
  18. That was stupid, but cool..if its true now...HAHA that shits so funny!!! i had to run from them damn blue bastards tonight!!

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