Cops stake out their prey

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  1. My cousin's friend went on a ride along. Long story short, they sit outside your house for hours and hours waiting for reasonable cause to enter. Dealers/growers/anyone they consider suspicious. They photograph etc.

    Just a heads up. :eek:

  2. Your cousin's friend was fraternizing with the enemy. I hope he farted in the car.
  3. that's nothing,
    3 cops knew i grow and offer'd me heads up if my house was being stalked.

    but then again, they are family and are completely against the Marijuana Laws.

  4. Thats pretty cool man.

  5. haha yeah, and they all are former growers also, which is even more insane :smoke:

  6. Even more cool. One time I was yelling at a police officer who was arresting my friend for public drunkenness and he told me to smoke some weed. I don't know if he was just being coy but I was taken back.

  7. you can't get much better than this!
  8. Everyone should just come to realize that the ganja is the way to go. i hope we see some marijuana law reforms soon!

  9. That is nice, you got your cover setup for ya.

  10. I differ on your choice, after talking to my buddies about that. In the end the government have there hands in it as always. Think about it. Cigarettes, alcohol, ect...
  11. Hmm, I think I'd rather pay a tax when I buy a joint at the store than see cancer patients thrown into prison for growing some dank.:) I don't like the idea of the government taxing anything either, but I would just continue to grow my own without fear. The government doesn't tax the wine I make, and thats because I made it. How would they tax the pot you grow? They wouldn't, unless it is for sale!

    The only people who were for the Prohibition of Alcohol were the bootleggers!

    The only people who want cannabis to remain illegal are the growers who make good profits... (Also some hobbyist growers are afraid of heavy regulation and overpricing of materials pushing them out of their niche, but this is all unfounded bullshit paranoia.)

    Cannabis is a plant comparable to wheat or cotton. Ahem. A pound of the best wheat you can find?

    0.23 cents:devious:

    A pound of Cannabis?

    Can cost thousands of dollars!:eek:

    All of the value comes from black market inflation;If it was so hard to grow plants my heirloom tomatoes would be worth the same as my dank!:rolleyes:

    o why would you want cannabis to be legal if you make incredible amounts of money for fact that it is illegal to possess?? The people who buy cannabis from you might all just take their thumbs out of their butts and realize that they're actually green. Wouldn't want that if you're rich from their money.

    Don't buy weed unless it is from a trusted dispensary or a good friend that grows their own.. You are helping criminals control the market and oppress cannabis every time ( Okay, almost every time.) you buy from a dude on the street.Grow you're own. Its not hard, scary or complicated. People go out of their way to make growing cannabis seem much more difficult than it really is.
  12. Good valid points, Sorry if I sounded like I grow.....I look at things from all views, thanks again for the info.

  13. Something that is really intriguing to ponder is think about if all drugs were legalized in the United States. If the government regulated all drugs. There are certainly a lot of factors that could go into this but it could really put a damper on the crime in America. Some believe that this may be mexico's only solution to the drug war problem they are facing.
  14. This is what i hate, when stoners are anti legalization. Glad you were set straight toward a legal herb. nice job Ibogaine306:hello:

  15. I mean, don't you just want to feel safe? I know I do.

  16. I can see where you're coming from. I think that many drugs are psychologically beneficial. It's very hard to say what is useful and what is useless, especially on a case-by-case, individual basis. I might take LSD and feel enlightened/peaceful while you might take it and suddenly become a communist.;)

    So all studies on the effects of drugs are flawed, because the experience varies so widely between individuals. I mean, the drugs are working on YOUR neurotransmitters. If you have a different ratio of say, endorphins to serotonin... you will have an entirely different effect with substantial similarities. Pardon the cliche, but this is like trying to compare apples and oranges.

    With this in mind, how can anyone say with good reasoning that I cannot do exactly as I choose to do, especially if I am the only one who is harmed. It is safe to say that people will always get whatever goods that they want because there will always be people willing to do what it takes to get them the goods. These people are often criminals, or work with criminals because they are already very much comfortable with breaking the law. I live in Quebec, and until recently biker gangs controlled most of the commercial domestic bud market.

    The police made a very heavy crack-down against the Hell's Angels Biker Club on "Crack and Marijuana dealers" in the Angel's controlled downtown area of Montreal.

    Sadly, they have also shut down all four Medical Cannabis Dispensaries that opened up across the city and charged their owners with distribution of scheduled susbstances, violation of city business bi-laws... as well as some kinda fraud charge for trying to sell cannabis as a health product. Thats just insult to injury. As a legitimate medical patient who obviously benefits from Cannabis products, I am deeply offended.

    I think that they need to learn how to tell the good guys from the bad...
  17. will both of you please stop replying...
    weed is illegal, deal with it, for reasons we know are unjust, and cannot do anything about. GET OVER IT AND STOP ARGUING OVER IT.
  18. the general population feeds on hate... they NEED something to hate... we went to war because we HATE osama bin landen, and hated Saddam hussein. the war on drugs is in all reality a war on minorities. its the rich people's way of keeping the poor, poor, all while lining their pockets... for those of us who live in the states i honestly believe that we will never see Marijuana or any "hard drug" taken off of the Schedule 1 list... i had a discussion the other day about the legalization of marijuana (i consider myself a front line fighter for the cause, the politicians didnt care what i had to say, so i turned to the public, informing and debating with everyday people about marijuana and its uses) and we came across the subject of paranoia as a side effect... granted i may not be as old as some of the other people on this site, but ive been smoking for more than a decade, and in this time ive smoked ALOT of bud. and it is my personal conclusion that paranoia is not a side effect of the substance itself, but because the substance is "against the law" there for you're not supposed to be doing it, there for your natural body response is to be scared and alert.. back to the OP. yes the cops stake out growers, dealers, etc for sometimes years before they make their move.. and honestly if they want to watch me i could care less. its a chance we knowingly take in order to use a substance we all know and love. most police that i have talked to honestly could care less about the typical user, they want the people who are the really bad guys. like previously mentioned ive seen a influx of police officers in my area whom have been busted on the job for consuming cannibus, when the "good guys" are doing it, there needs to be some serious legislation changes made.
  19. lol. Read the thread before you post. No one is arguing. Just because you don't feel like reading my whole post doesn't mean I was mad when I wrote it.

    If you really believe you can't do anything about it, then you can just go on thinking that. I won't start an argument with someone who seems to conjure them in places they do not belong.

    You get over it, I have had cancer.
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    Word. If the cops are doing it...

    I hear stories about a police officer from Lachine near Montreal who shakes down the crack dealers and takes their weed and money while destroying the crack cocaine. I have even heard that he will walk up to groups of kids smoking joints, and just take the joint and have a big puff before looking at them and saying " Yep, thats definitely marijuana."

    I don't know about that, because I thought they test the cops pretty hardcore.... but I mean if we can fake a test, surely a cop can.

    And seriously, Cannabis probably does not cause Paranoia. Maybe mild anxiety in infrequent users, but Paranoia in this case is much more likely caused by the constant threat of a greater force removing an object of desire and imposing harsh consequences. Also society has deemed it inappropriate, the medical community to some degree has been paid off to lead the public on that cannabis is a health risk (smoking is bad for you, not cannabis) and even our school systems tell kids that ignorance is the best choice when it comes to drugs. They all "rot your brain"

    That can seem pretty scary to some.

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