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Discussion in 'General' started by PhillyBlunts, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Let me preface this:

    Some other user posted a link to a video about police brutality earlier today. I watched it, and became interested in my rights etc.

    I was searching the net for information on my rights when I came to, what seems to be, the best source: police officers. Anyways, the site is for their forums. They have an ask a cop section, and I plan to ask some questions.

    While I was (and still waiting) for my validation link, I started browsing the topics. I'd say 90% of the guys on their are law enforcement officers, it was interesting to see so many talking freely, at once. However, what they talked about also kinda freaked me out, they didn't seem to be talking the job very seriously, evidence:

    Anyways, I suppose if anyone wants to give them a hard time, or ask questions about laws, officers, etc. in your area, you can hit them up.

  2. Haha aw man you beat me, i was gonna post that vid.
  3. same here lol
  4. While I admittedly would rather not post there, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to field a question for me or if you guys have any answer?

    I heard that you approach a guy (perhaps looking for a dealer on the street) and ask him if he's a cop, he has to admit it or else it's considered entrapment? And vice versa for buyers?
  5. The ACLU has some good guides on your legal rights.

    You can claim entrapment if he is a local cop, but I think that FBI, SS, CIA, etc. are exempt from the rule.
  6. sweet video! im watchin it now whoeevr foudn this +rep to u
  7. Hmm... I remember hearing that in "Blow", when that gay dude asked George and his fat friend, "Are you cops?" - "No", - "Come on, if you are you have to tell me or else it's entrapment."

    Hmm... I too wonder if that holds any truth.
  8. Well when they do stings on COPS they always say they are not cops when asked.
  9. Can anyone summarize this? I'm too lazy to read the whole thing.
  10. ya they used to have to say they were a cop but they changed the law so now they are allowed to lie and say they aren't and you can't claim entrapment so best advice don't buy of some1 u don't know
  11. Damn...

    So about that site I posted, the cop one, I was just thumbing through it some-more, they actually play a forum game called "Bam - or - No Bam". They type up scenarios that might necessitate the use of lethal force, in intentionally gray areas. This just freaks me out that the cops are having a good laugh playing games about our lives, probably saying things like "Oops, I killed another lady reaching for her cellphone!". Damn pigs. Go be useful and jump in my frying pan tomorrow morning.
  12. just ask the guy to give you a punch as hard as he can, cops cant hitt you, and if you keep pushing for it like .... hey are you a cop ... you dont look like a cop, because if you werent here I wouldnt even have bought this, you understand this is entrapment right?, you say all those things and ur safe, the police have to look like cops legally, ask him where his cop hat is where his badge is, keep probing, the more you probe the more it looks like entrapment keep saying u wouldnt even be buying this if he wasnt there but your an addict
  13. That sounds like a good idea. Cause when they show that film in court how could they say its not entrapment.
  14. this is pretty intresting. thanks. +rep

  15. no, thats a myth. Cops don't have to do anything to blow their cover even if it means engaging in illegal activity.

    It's also a myth that they can't entrap you. Well they can, that myth originated in the '70s. undercover cops can really do what ever the fuck they want.
  16. i never understood the whole concept of "street dealing." if you smoke how do you not know people that will hook you up for less than street prices
  17. Damn, some of these cops are assholes:

    Did a traffic stop last night on a rural road just off the main Highway. Car was a POS blue Buick with all sorts of mechanical problems. Driver did not have a DL but produced picture ID. Ran him and find that he doesn't have a DL and owes $6000 in back fines...reason he has no DL. The plates do not belong to the car so he has no insurance. The DMV says to serve a two month driving prohib on him. He is a vehicle impound candidate and the car is to be hooked for 30 days. he admits so smoking a joint so he gets a 24 hour driving prohib. The car is in such bad shape I give it an "immediately remove from road till it passes an inspection" order..

    Here is the total...ticket for no DL= $138, ticket for no insurance=$598, tow job=about $150, 30 day impound storage fees=$600, mandatory vehicle inspection= 100 repairs??$$$$$, 2 month driving prohibition, forfiture of plates=$40, 24 hour driving prohib will get him an even longer prohib period than the initial 2 months, he effectively will never get the car back. Hitchhike ride home???

    Don't feel sorry for him...he is "well known to Police". He is even better known now. I love my job!!!!!!!! Traffic tickets are the best weapons in the war against crime!!!!

    Traffic tickets are the best weapons in the war against crime!!!!

    Stupidest statement of the century right there.

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