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cops son

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fyasko808, May 13, 2010.

  1. What happened to that thread, where teh kid was picking up for his friend whose dad is a cop

    it just disappeared
  2. i remember that i took the history of that thread and rolled a joint with it
  3. It was a thread that was up for awhile about this kid who was piucking up 40 bucks worth of bud for his friend, who has a dad that is a cop and there was back and forth about is the son going to rat you out to day

    know what im talk ing about
  4. I wasnt here for that story, sounds funny but probably a bit stupid - why do you want to find the thread? Search function? And also its probably gone off the site by now.
  5. Yeah its a newer thread, it just says to contact site admin but all the text is gone, like its been deleted
    i just wanted to know what happened

  6. If it says that then one of the mods probly deleted it.:(
  7. no not that one. hes talking bout the one where some kid in school wanted to get bud but he was a cops son... prolly got deleted.. i wondered what happened couple other threads a few times.
  8. My friend sold acid and weed to a kid in my grade sophomore year whose Dad was not only a cop but a swat officer and mostly did drug busts. hahahahaha
  9. It got deleted because he was talking about selling.. to a minor at that

    goes against the rules i guess
  10. ooooOo ok, good to know thats what happened, but I wanna know what happened. I wanted to know if the kid got ripped off again or if he got his bud

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