Cops snooping around my yard for no reason...

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  1. So I was just minding my own business watching T.V. and my brother tells me that he heard something out in the front yard and thought he saw a light shine through the window, and then my dog starts barking from the backyard so I go and check it out. And there's a fucking cop parked on the other side of my fence patrolling the perimeter, I yelled "Hey can I ask you what you're doing", he then preceded to casually walk to his car and drive off. What the fuck man... can I really not get any privacy without big brother coming by to make sure I'm a "good boy". Have any of you ever experienced this kind of thing with cops?

  2. You should have gotten names and badges. call them on their shit.
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    If I was faster about it I would've but he drove off like a bitch lol. He's honestly lucky he didn't get shot. I'll see if I can track him down though, that was too sketchy.
  4. Haha something similar happened to me I have a sister who is a lawyer however. You have right to legal rep if you are under suspicion or under investigation. Comes to find out she looked into the matter and some green mofo got pulled over with over an oz said he bought from me and I grow it. Never got shit from me and haven't seen him in six months
  5. Basicly if it's not private property he can walk around house in yard if no fence. They'll send out fake meter checkers as well or fake gas company guys
  6. Well he parked his car on the other side of my fence which is on a private road, I had just got done smoking a bowl outside like 5 minutes before he showed up. It's just sad he didn't have the balls to knock on my door and ask me, his dumbass could've got killed doing that shit.
  7. unfortunately in todays world, you're the one that is lucky. You're lucky he didn't shoot you.  I really can't stand cops.  I would say yes you should have gotten badge numbers, but depending on your race it may have been a bad idea.
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    That is true... just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have you shot, in fact you're more likely to get shot by a police officer than die in a terrorist attack. Fortunately the cops around here aren't very racist at all, they hate teenagers though, if a teenager is out late and a cop sees them, they will make it into this huge deal and a lot of the time it ends up with the teen locked up.
  9. Yup definitely happens.  So at least ur ok and alive.  However, if it happens again I would start researching what you could do or possibly speak to an attorney.  Many attorneys have their first consultation free.  
  10. Maybe he was taking a leak and you caught him  LOL
  11. hide the plants quick

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  12. Burn the evidence and store the combustion byproducts in your lungs
  13. yea OP, i'd imagine its cause you just finished a bowl outside  :confused_2:  :confused_2:  :confused_2:  :confused_2:
    Personally, the last thing I would ever want to do, is shoot a cop. Not saying assholes don't exist, but cop killers aren't ever going to get any sympathy from nobody , not a judge, not the public , and probably not your family....especially if he was just in your yard snooping , warrant or not
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    Well I have my medical card so it wouldn't be within his jurisdiction. And as for the last thing you said, well I'm sorry to say, you don't know me, you don't know what impulses I have, or what I've had to go through just to survive. You're just making illogical assumptions.
    People smoke weed all the time on their fucking front porch in my neighborhood. When I said I had just got done smoking bowl, I meant like damn, if he had been their earlier I would've had to deal with some shit, sorry should've said that before. And I did not think it was a police officer at first, I thought someone was trying to steal something, and when that kind of shit happens I just act on it, I don't really think about it, this time, I'm glad I did.
  15. Time to get an electric fence installed then haha
  16. setup cameras

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    That'd be a good idea, like setup security monitors that I could view from my computer at any time so I can catch those dirty pigs and thieves in action. Sounds expensive though
  18. its not to expensive i use a video baby monitor had it since my kids were little also setup solar powered motion detector lights if theres a store called harbor frieght near you buy them there.

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  19. It's very possible the cop was looking for a fleeing suspect in the neighborhood. I've had that happen was I was just a kid, I was playing outside and my mom called me in because of the cops she said. I went and looked out the window and saw a squad of blues on people's property looking in the bushes or under cars. They didn't go in our backyard but the were defiantly looking in the front.

    Wraaaap the night around me, blanket of black on my back, I feel safe in the darkness...

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