Cops shoot unarmed 20 year old for marijuna!

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    Wtf is wrong with these cops these days? there are now 2 recent threads in here about someone getting shot by police for marijuana! This shit needs to stop now the war on drugs is causing more harm than the drugs themselves!

    Edit: Here is the other thread about a 68 year old shot for growing a

    And another person (80 year old man) shot for marijuana...
  2. They're resorting to shooting kids and innocent people so they can say the stoners are acting "crazyyyy" cause all the weed today is "SO SUPER STRONG" and its making kids everywhere go crazy. Like reefer madness part deux
  3. Thats bullshit! They need to shoot the dam cop
  4. that is fucking sad that it happens, Just another 20 year old happy college kid who has his own life ruined because our own goverment is at fault when it comes to marijuana.
  5. This is getting out of hand.... lets go knock on DEA and local "drug" taskforces and start gunning them down over beer in their fridge.

    Shove a donut in their mouth and a badge in their ass.... this prohibition has to stop.
  6. Thats some crazy fucked up shit. Theres always a few cops doing stupid shit or abusing their power that make people hate all cops in general. I think that that cop definitely needs to be punished in some way. Hopefully take away his badge and gun so he wont go shooting any more stoners just trying to smoke some herb and have some fun. Dick.
  7. First they put a middle aged guy in jail for life, then they shot an armed old guy, now they are shooting unarmed kids. What next? How could it get any worse? Nazi style mass extinction of stoners?
  8. I don't hate cops because things like this happen. I hate them because they refuse to punish their own, no matter how egregious their crimes are.

    How many people can an officer kill (or attempt to kill) before he's punished for it?
  9. its carzy bc alot of cops wont evan pull a trigger at someone with a gun most cops are scared when they have to touch their guns (old best friend mom dated alot of cops) and yet bc someone had natural reactions to a bright light in a face he gets shot this is ridiculous
  10. If you're looking for justice, look somewhere else.

    It is hard to respect and honor the men and women in the police force when things like this happen daily, luckily cameras are becoming more popular. Unjustice, beatings, and defenseless shootings are all being recorded and it is only a matter of time before another riot similar to the Rodney King riot breaks out.

    I've become very interested in police departments and prisons lately and everything I find makes my blood boil.

    Throughout my interaction with police the amount of coercion I remember being used on me was horrific.

    My respect for officers is fading everyday.
  11. We should start a petition to get the officer's badge revoked, this is getting far too out of hand.
  12. cops ae FUCKING ASSHOLES!~!
  13. Wow. I am so pissed off!!!!

    Cops these days are a bunch of retarded fucks who need to get thrown into jail and raped several times a day by several different men at the same time.

    If this ever happened to me or someone close to me, there is no doubt in my mind that I would make it a life goal to torture and kill whoever was responsible.

    Cops should be afraid of us. Not the way it is now!!!

    When will people get the courage to stand up for what they believe in???

    By ourselves we are powerless and they know that. If we all stood up and fought for our rights, we could have everything we ever wanted. Free health care, food for the poor, and legal cannabis.

    We need to protest and fucked up cops need to die.
  14. If anyone else was doing these shootings, they'd be going to jail for years. Apparently, though, being a cop makes you exempt from the very laws you're supposed to be 'enforcing'. Seriously, what the fuck is this? We need to treat cops like normal citizens, not saints.
  15. Exactly^ no one is above the, not even police officers! (even though one case in california found that cops ARE above the law) but if i were to accidently kill someone today i would be charged with manslaughter at the least. but if a cop accidently killed someone today he would be put on paid leave untill they media attention dies down and just given a slap on the wrist! WTF? thats not america people! so once again i say FUCK THE POLICE!
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    "you shot 5 16yr olds because they skipped school to smoke weed? your suspended...with pay"

    Fuck Da Police.
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    "you raid a mans house for growing marijuana, and because people were breaking down the door down to his house (full of marijuana) yelling and screaming and pointing guns and flash lights in his face, he fears for his life and family and trys to run to protect his daughter. in all of the commotion the police think he is going under the bed to grab a gun and end up shooting him and a stray bullet hits his daughter. turns out the man was a medical marijuana patient and now paralyzed from the waist down with a dead daughter...." your suspended with pay

    Fuck da police

    How the fuck can someone be punished for ingesting something into THEIR body? shit dont make sense!
  18. absolutely fucking horrible

    and they wonder why people don't like cops...
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    how is paid leave even a punishment? If I fuck up in school I may get suspended but they aren't going to give me straight A's for the hell of it
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    Paid Leave is a fucking joke. As a hunter I don't shoot at something unless I'm positive of whats behind my target. The cop shot at a man going to body shield his daughter. I guarentee he was using a fucking glock and re-acted completley on instinct.

    I wasn't there so I don't know how the guy ended up getting shot, but regardless. A police officer should have shot higher then the lower torso. At least then his daughter wouldn't be dead.

    Once again IMO. Local police shouldn't be handling search warrents except for emergency situations like bomb threats and slavery, ect... Cops go into marijuana houses and end up treating the guy it like it's a heroin dealer.

    A cop got shot around here for going into a house? Why? Probably because he was under-trained for house raids and didn't identify himself. Why did this happen? Probably the same shit.

    Edit: I wasn't there so I can't be that angry but seriously. It sounds like the cop shot the man in the lower torso and the bullet exited and killed his daughter. How do you mistake grabbing for a gun for shielding a child? Shit is fucked up. That kid never got to live. Never got to do so much shit...

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