Cops posing as internet stoners

Discussion in 'General' started by 420Juggalo610, May 15, 2011.

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  1. So yeah I'm hella paranoid about cops on grass city forums tryna nab me. I got no connect and i'm quick to jump the gun if someone message me. How can u tell if a person is a pig?
  2. They smell like coffee and doughnuts
  3. A typical pig has a large head with a long snout. There are four hoofed toes on each foot, with the two larger central toes bearing most of the weight.
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    I think cops have better things to do than to stake out another random marijuana forum where A) everyone* is anonymous, and B) is based in the Netherlands where Marijuana consumption is more relaxed.

    Seriously man, do you really think a cop is going to trace your Ip address or look all over Pennsylvania to track you down and find you because of something you've said online?

    Stop being paranoid.

    EDIT: If you're referring to looking for connects online to meet up in real life in your post, then yes, that is dangerous, and yes, there exists a high likely-hood of getting busted.

    *Not accounting for the stupid people on this forum that incriminate themselves by posting videos of pictures of themselves consuming an illegal drug.
  5. They are usually ones that are like "hahah i got some of that kush dude lol i live in long beach who wants to meet up lolol". They are new to the site and have very few posts.
  6. dont trust nobody
  7. Oh they're on here cops will do anything for a thrill and to put someone in jail just for weed cuz they got nothin else to do
  8. BS.. I wish i can use a huge font to be at par with my yelling right now.


    You people (paranoid folks) are so paranoid that you are doing the job of the cops. There's no need for cops here, and there are no cops here.

    They can not do FUCK all with a server sitting on a different fucking continent.

    Unless you are dumb enough to post your picture and address on here, you have nothing to worry about.
  9. lol. i think theres bigger fish to fry other than go on a webpage and try to pinch a stoner.
    Itd have to be like fuckin Robocop or someshit.
    Theres more going on out there
  10. im pretty sure asking for hookups in PMs is against the rules. so if someone messages u about sell you weed should be reported.
    Plus they might wanna jump you if theyre not police. also, obviously theyre not too smart, advertising their wares online. I wouldnt suggest using GC as a way to do anything except discuss random shit and learning how to grow.
  11. Looking for hookups is against the rules here. So it's a good job you haven't done that and these people are messaging you randomly..... /

    Please report the messages you get from people offering hookups. It's against the rules, dangerous and they could very well be cops. So help the forums out and hit that red report button at the top right ;)
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