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Cops Outside

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nugget Farmer, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. So last night i was at my buddies condo and we went through about 10 bowls in 2 hours. All the smoke was being blown out the window into the street, and it probably reeked out there.
    I went to get some arizona from the fridge and i noticed a cop car next to his driveway, but i wasnt too sketched out by it. A little later another cop car pulled up and parked out front. They stayed outside and stared at the house for a good 45 minutes before leaving, (while our stoner brains were getting pretty paranoid.) They never got out of the car or anything.
    Do you guys think it was just a coincidence or should we be more stealthy about blazing there. Keep in mind from the street you could see my bubbler and a quad. Also its a gated community so cops never go through there.
  2. I would smoke through a window not facing the street.
  3. I would keep it down low for a while but I wouldn't be to sketched by it because cops have better things to do the bust 2 people smoking some chronic they were probably just on a dounut break!
  4. 5-0 niggha Betta run yo ass!
  5. I hope you were trying to be funny with that.

  6. Serious face.
  7. Haha looking back on it we probably over reacted. We were just hitting our peak and freaked out a bit, hid everything and debated on sneaking out to go to the pool. On the other hand it was around midnight in a neighborhood where only divorced rich people live, so it seems like an unlikely place for cops to post up. And they didnt park either they were in the middle of the street. Maybe someone smelled it and called them to come scope it out :0
  8. The world may never know.
  9. A lot of cops around here meet with other cops in different areas around my town and they just talk and do paperwork so maybe they do the same thing there? I don't know but if that happened to me at my peak I'd be freaking out
  10. ya my friend almost had an anxiety attack cause he still lives with his mom and if he got caught hed be fucked it was pretty gnarly. it would have been such a chill night too, but ever since the cops came everything went downhill. tv wasn't working, spilled the bong water, lost lighter. for that sesh we used a white lighter..
  11. Oh shit niggha you got dah curse yo ass is screwed son.nah jk
  12. if they can see anything it gives them a right to enter the house.

  13. But i couldve been doing it legally with mmj.
  14. lmao.... Im going to be honest...they may have been waiting on some body to roll out of the house to question...but you really are fine....I live in apts that made us sign a drug free policy but they legally have to give you 24 notices before they plan on entering your home... and 9 times out of ten you cant smell weed outside your unit...I smoke with my windows closed though
  15. You're in an MMJ state and dont have a card?...everyone you know who smokes should have a card
  16. The last time I saw a post like this, the OP never returned...
  17. Link me up girl
  18. #18 Nugget Farmer, Aug 7, 2011
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    Well the way i see it, i can spend the $200 or whatever it is on a half o with money to spare, or get my card. Plus i get my weed from clubs anyway i just dont personally buy it i have someone pick it up for me
  19. #19 LovingTree, Aug 7, 2011
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    If two cops claim they see that evidence and smell the marijuana, that might very well be enough evidence to get a search warrant. You said the two cops were socially engaged, which means they might have discussed the paraphernalia together, to confirm a witness. However, it might take more observation, so they might have undercovers near your house more often.

    I would keep it really safe from now on and lose the stash for a bit. Stash it at a friends house that you trust and smoke near there. I'm being serious, don't get raided. You don't even have a card in cali bro? smh....
  20. next time go out there and ask them wht the fuck theyre doing? Why they are spying on harding working citizens of america? and tell them the dunkin donuts isnt in his condo its down the street to the left.

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