Cops? Never Pull Your Own Plants

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    Every year thru my local clubs I hear this same story over and over. I wanted to make thread about it.

    Legal growers growing within the limts are being harrased by cops. The cops will show up when main grower is gone catching say the wife home alone. They will make up some rule they are breaking and tell the wife if she does not pull/cut down the plants they all will be arrested. The wife then kills the plants herself.

    Look, If the cops have you busted they have no problem cutting your plants down. If they have nothing on you they will make something up and ask you to kill the plants. This way you killed your plants and not the cops. There is nothing you can do at this point for you killed your own plants.

    In most cases they will use the seen from the street point of view. Your plants cannot be seen from the normal view of the street in Oregon. So this is driving or walking by. The cops will say they can see your plants from say the gate and fool the wife this way. Any windows next door does not count as normal view. They use the windows tactic as well.

    If your legal never pull your plants when the cops ask.

    If your not legal then pull your plants as soon as they ask. Chances are you may slide.

    It all makes since if you think about it. It only takes a few nasty cops to pull this off. Also in Oregon there is no inspection laws. The cops will tell the wife they have legal right to look over the grow. This is not true. Tell them if they have no warrent they need to leave your property for there is no inpection laws in Oregon. Always keep your paperwork on your front porch. This way you can step outside with them. When you have to go locate papers they will want to follow you inside. (easy to fool wife) Once you let them in your house they need no other permission to go look at what ever they want. They can say the smell somnething or heard something. Keep your paper work on the porch. Be super nice..... Being a jerk gives them reasons to come snoop around after harvest. Just play it off that you are well informed of the current laws. And strive to stay 100% legal.

    Have your lawyers cell phone number always helps if you have one. Make sure your wife/husband knows the laws just a good as you do. Hide your paperwork on your porch is best advice I can give a person. This keeps the cops on the porch and not inside or in veiw of your plants.
  2. Those darn coppers
  3. dirty smelly pigs :p
  4. the down-side of legal med grows, basically telling on youself and hoping everyone plays by the rules.

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