Cops mistake weed for marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by mushroomsatsuji, May 24, 2010.

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  2. Stupid police. :smoking:

  3. Leave it to the police
  4. Just found a picture taken from an eyewitness, it appears the cops were busy playing grabass instead of doing real police work.

  5. My god pigs are so fucking stupid.
  6. Hahahahaha, those look nothing like marijuana plants. Like, not even close.
  7. Haha damn cops have nothing better to do these days but some community service agriculture work. I hope they pay for replacements plants for the city park, which they most likely wont.
  8. Shout to cop: "Hey, my garden needs weeding!" OMG ROFLcopters for everyone!
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    It is so true, and while they're bungling here, they're bungling elsewhere, too in not protecting upstanding citizens from real danger. You won't believe what I've experienced this spring in terms of police stupidity in my county and city. It is frightening. :mad: Recently, I had a DCS officer literally tell me that if a bystander witnesses a violent crime in action, violence of high degree, etc., he or she has no authority to report the problem to the police, among other ridiculous things. The police in my municipality, in response to polite complaints and requests I've made of them, have responded either with complete incompetence, made excuses for themselves, or attacked me personally. FUCK the pigs, waste of taxpayer money scum
  10. that doesnt even look like the good herb hahaha
  11. Hahahahaha!

    What a pussy. Good thing this youth was unnamed otherwise he might have gotten his ass beat ESPECIALLY since he was narcin' on some dude's mint leaves :p
    Fucking lame.
  12. NWA said it best...

    [ame=]YouTube - N.W.A FUCK DA POLICE[/ame]
  13. if I was a cop I would force everyone to smoke me out.

    Also, it doesnt look anything NEAR mj...
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    They should have saved it. Horse mint has medicinal qualities. Idiots. I tried to give the cops the benefit of the doubt and just googled hundreds of pictures of horsemint. It looks nothing like Cannabis. Not even cross-eyed. Fucking dumbasses.
  15. I hope everyone is Corpus Cristi carries around a bag of horse mint now and see what happens is the cops find that? :laughing:
  16. well hopefully if the see real marijuana, they wont recognize it...wouldnt that be nice
  17. :d bahahahaah

  18. Haha thats what I was thinking.

    Man that is insane really.

    Hahaha some more.

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