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Cops man.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Rolling greens, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. I got pulled over for speeding today immediately after tokin' a few hits off my bubbler, and he didn't smell it!
    I got so lucky today, can't believe more didn't happen.
  2. did they search your butt?
  3. Anyone else have any close calls?
  4. I guarantee he smelled it. He was probably just a bro.

  5. They didn't, he came up to the window and took a big sniff, and gave me a warning for the speed.
    I was only going 55 as I approached a 45 and didn't show signs of slowing down, he said. I was just stoked that he didn't smell it, I'm not in a position where I need that on my record. :/
  6. About a year ago I rear ended somebody and totaled my old Saturn SC1 because I took my eyes off the road to stare at a girls ass (Like the allstate commercial) and of course the cops showed up along with the tow truck. I had a backpack in the trunk with a fifth of liquor and an eighth of bud and I was shitting bricks because I thought the cop was going to open the trunk or something.

    Luckily, she just wrote me a ticket and the accident report and left. Good thing is the other guy decided to not involve insurance because his repair didn't cost that much, and my rates didn't go up because of it.

  7. Been through the ride program baked many times, it's harder to pinpoint a guy who's stoned vs drunk. The cop would have to go outta his way to try and prove that too. Still scary as fuck I agree
  8. Lucky man. The other day me and my mate picked up an eighth and on the way back we got pulled over cause my mates car had a tail light out. Anywho, one cop asks him a few questions about the car, while the other one is checking the outside of the car; after he is finished checking the car, he asks me for my id and so on. Then he asks if there are any drugs in the car, we both say no and they reply "So of we search your car we won't find anything", at this point I'm shitting myself cause I've never had to deal with cops, anyway we say no to the question, the cop leans in the car, has a sniff and says "well since I can't smell anything, I won't search you". The sigh of relief after that was unreal.

    It was lucky I put my bud in a smell proof bad
  9. i hate when cops ask that question. it's like a indirect way of intimidating someone to give into a search. i would just say, "i don't consent to any searches"

  10. this is so good

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